Anatomicals Review.*

Disclaimer: I was sent three facemasks by Anatomicals. Having decided that I didn’t have enough views to be a ‘Brand Rep’, they sent me these instead to test. All views in this post are honest. 

Now, who remembers Facemasks?

For a few years now, these have been the sort of thing that have been relegated to the past for me, along with Mizz magazine, lipgloss, and impulse body sprays. I’d forgotten about them, to be honest. For that reason, I was delighted to be sent some to try out!

I love the packaging, which I think formulates part of Anatomicals’ Unique Selling Point; for any teenage girl, this is the brand for them! The witty tone makes me smile-and it’s very “feel good” in its tone. It is also simplistic-not ‘blaring’ in colour-which appeals to me.


Apricot face scrub: 

On opening this, I am hit by a wonderful smell; this face mask smells divine! Subtly and not overpowering, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I also notice, due to this being the first mask I try, that you tear them open at the base-much more convenient, and it saves messing round with the top. What is odd, though, is that my face becomes sort of enflamed once I try it out; I feel a small burning sensation in my cheeks. I would not use this Face mask again, as my skin is just a bit too sensitive for it. (The perils of being Autistic!) But I do end up with a more flushed complexion for the day.

Calming algae face mask:

Boy… the colour of this Face mask is hypnotic. It’s blue, and something that sort of says “watch me, you’ll loveeee me….” But, again, my face becomes enflamed after maybe five, ten minutes. It’s not calming like the back of the packet suggests…

Note: after this happened, I did tweet anatomicals; I think I may have had a reaction to their face masks, but I also wished to give them a chance to comment, in interests of balancing this review just a bit more. So far, I’ve had no reply.

Anti Blemish Face Mask: 

I haven’t had Acne in a very long time; needless to say, as I write this, I’ve probably ‘jinked’ it. This mask I’ll be saving for then, in order to give it a fairer test.

Overall, I was a bit, not upset, but just frustrated at myself for this; I seem to struggle a lot with Face masks and things in that league. As an Autistic female, I do have sensitive skin, which restricts what I do and don’t use. However, I think that A) the packaging is brilliant, therefore B) making it a great brand for teen girls, and C) these would make a brilliant Christmas stocking filler.

Click here to view the official website.   And to buy directly from ASOS, click here. 

3 thoughts on “Anatomicals Review.*

  1. sirvikalot says:

    I had no idea that autism makes your skin more inflamed/sensitive to products so thank you for making me aware of that.
    It must be so disappointing that you couldn’t enjoy the products but at least you got a great review out of it and maybe you will get more opportunities with brands you can use the products of off the back of it.

    V ❤️


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