50 ways to make people smile.



A little while ago, I sent from Nicole from A Beautiful Chaos (click here to see her blog)  a postcard, to try and cheer her up; this sparked an idea for this blog post. I think that this world is a place madness, really; every day there’s a news story that makes me feel fearful, there’s trolling online, etc. So, I thought that I’d compile a list of how to make people smile, because..lets make this world a better place. (The postcard on the right is what I sent.)

  1. Be inspired by the More Love letters project; leave anonymous notes where you go. Click here to find out more.
  2. Post Pals is a charity where volunteers write letters to sick children; click here to find out more information. 
  3. Buy something from an Etsy shop; most of these shop owners make their own products, and is a small income. My favourites are A Beautiful Minds, Dorkface, and Sugar and Sloth. (click on each name to open the shop.)
  4. Make someone a cup of tea.
  5. Make someone a coffee.
  6. Walk the dog.
  7. Buy a Blogger a cup of tea; usually there’s an icon in their sidebar to do this.
  8. Compliment someone.
  9. Leave a Blogger a nice comment.
  10. Leave someone a surprise note in their pocket.
  11. Cook a meal for someone.
  12. Be a book fairy. (Find out more here.)
  13. Log on to Innocent Smoothies’ compliment generator. (click here.)
  14. Send a Lord Dodo charity Christmas card (see the designs here.)
  15. Become a cat sitter! (Click here.)
  16. Treat a young teenager to something from Pura cosmetics; they’re a cruelty free company, and are designed to suit a budget made up of pocket money. See their products here. 
  17. Take a Cat Lover to the Lady Dinah’s cat cafe in London.
  18. Call someone you haven’t chatted to in a while.
  19. Bake a surprise cake.
  20. Give a homeless man some change.
  21. Same goes for a busker.
  22. Do something early.
  23. Arrange a surprise day out.
  24. Send a care package.
  25. Wave to a small child.
  26. Let the small child pat our dog. (They always seem to smile and gurgle at my dog.)
  27. Give your last sweet in your greatly treasured bag to someone who really wants it.
  28. Take part in a charity event; at schools it could be something like Jeans For Genes day.
  29. Resist the urge to point out every little spelling mistake; instead, compliment the person for their piece of writing, if you enjoyed it.
  30. Chat to a bookseller; I love doing this in my local Waterstones, as virtually everyone who works there is like a ‘Bookish elf’; they have read everything, know all about the books, and will have bookish chats with you.
  31. Wear bright colours; seeing someone wear them, compared to the typically grey and black office wear everyone seems to wear where I live, virtually always makes me smile.
  32. Arrange a girl’s night in.
  33. Host a cinema night.
  34. Tweet an author about how much you enjoyed their book.
  35. Chat to someone (who’s willing, obviously!) on a train or a bus; not everyone is anti-social, you know.
  36. If someone is rude to a staff member in a public place, say something to the staff person after; I said something to a train guard, once, after I saw a woman being rude. (Because to me it seemed unreasonable; he’s just doing his job!)
  37. If someone drops a coin, pick it up for them.
  38. Carry a suitcase for someone-once you’ve offered-if they consent, and are struggling on a train, coach, bus, etc.
  39. Bloggers: if a PR asks, recommend them another blogger or two!
  40. Give a Charity shop a donation.
  41. Smile at someone!
  42. Drop by for a visit.
  43. Arrange a visit for them to come and see you.
  44. Do a DIY project in collaboration with someone.
  45. Listen, try not to interrupt.
  46. Remember someone’s birthday, and post a card for them.
  47. Plan a treasure hunt for children. Or adults. Because personally I still think that they are fun-and had one for my eighteenth birthday 😀
  48. Don’t troll people online. Ever.
  49. Laugh at yourself, but not to put yourself down.
  50. Comment on this post.

Everything seems scary, at points, about this little planet; can’t we just be nice to each other, for once? I know that’s more than a little bit naive, but I would like to see people smile more, talking to neighbours, being kind on the internet, etc.

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