Poem: the roses.

A little while ago I wrote a post about wishing to bringing in more poetry to the blog, because after all, I write a lot of it, and I was thinking “Why not share it?” Obviously some is too mawkish, too personal, but I thought that this, The Roses, would fit for today’s post.


Roses are like the kindness

because they give pleasure too

yet if you take advantage

then this is what they do;

they grow thorns

yet you think you do no wrong

continuity is lost

but that was your thought all along.

To see not the beauty

only a commodity

in this world

that’s not the way to be.

Oscillating, isolated

these are the roses of ice

Kindness has infinite value

so maybe now you’ll think twice

People gain pleasure

and over the roses the feeling is what they forget

and it’s the roses, the roses

that giving in they finally come to regret.

If you’d like to read something similar, then I’d like to suggest the blog Too Cute For Life; click here to view.  For posts like this, I’m not going to share what inspired them-usually an event-or who, if they are, about. They’re here just to enjoy.

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