Currently I’m Reading: A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt.*

Disclaimer: Jenny from Jenny In Neverland runs blog book tours. Therefore I was delighted to be sent an advance copy of A Vicarage Christmas, by Kate Hewitt, to review.

Now, who likes a Christmas book?  And yes, I know, it’s a bit early to be talking about ‘the C word’-although in other circumstances, you’d think me a bit rude 😀

A Vicarage Christmas I really like, as it’s set in the UK; it’s not often that I read a book that is-and that is also aware of it’s Geography.

The plot is thus: the protagonist returns home to her little hometown village. One of four sisters, she goes to a pub one night. She chats to a stranger-spilling all her secrets-but finds out that the man in question is someone important to her Dad. Then it goes from there.. (This I got from Amazon; I have yet to make a headway, as I’ve been taking on a lot with my course, recently.)

Anyway: I really like the language in this book. It’s a bit like The Book Thief, in that you can almost taste the words on your tongue-they sort of seem to dart across the page, enticing you more and more into the plot.

As I get more and more into this book, I’ll be sure to update you on what I think about this book, but until then, you can Click here to buy the Kindle book.

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