Washi Tape Hacks.



Let’s talk about Washi Tape; the seemingly majestic tape, apparently held in favour in Japan due to being magic, and it can be used to decorate.

You see, you could probably say that I’m obsessed with this tape; every time I go to Hobbycraft I pick some up, I chat to people online about it (it’s mutual, given the context), looked up Washi with unicorns on it, and tried to out-do some pen pals in terms of decorations. (It’s friendly, I promise.) It’s probably me just being an ‘Aspie’.

Over on Twitter I ran a poll; people on there seemingly wished to see some Washi Tape ‘hacks’. So, I thought I’d share mine, even if the subject does seem a little bit, well, mundane. Please bare in mind some are meant to be a bit sarcastic, and I don’t wish for this post to be taken too literally.



Decorate a parcel. 

Seemingly, this is probably really obvious, I know. A few weeks ago I took part in a book swap-and I used Washi Tape to seal the book in craft paper. But decorating a parcel… now that’s another story. You could even create your own wrapping paper with it.

Seal a letter. 

I like to send letters, but the problem is that some envelopes, not matter how much you lick them (ick) never seem to seal themselves; they always open up! And yes, it’s frustrating. sO, I often use Washi to seal them. Plus, it adds just a bit of magic to the recipient-for them to open it, anyway.

Makeshift plasters.

Because an emergency calls for it, right? I recently cut myself of the flesh inner part of my thumb; worse still, I write with my right hand. As a temporary measure, to stop the skin catching every time I moved, I put a little bit of Dr Paw Paw on it, and wrapped it in Washi Tape. Maybe I ought to carry plasters with me.


Stop glasses rubbing. 

Basically my glasses broke, and I needed an emergency pair was fitted, but my optician didn’t measure the frame. This left my ears rubbed roar, as the leg of the frame kept touching the back of my ear. I smothered them in a lot of Dr Paw Paw-to get the moisture back-put washi on top, and then my glasses. And it sort of worked.

Filofax decoration.

Because some inserts are just dull!

Bullet Journalling. 

Would it not be a good thing to set up spreads with?

Flags for cupcakes. 

This one I found on Buzzfeed; click here to find out more. 

Card Making. 

If you’re making a card, and sticking a photo on the front, you could use Washi Tape instead of glue. Bonus points if it’s seasonal!


Simple, right?


To stick some photos, or to preserve a flower press, Washi tape is good for this.


To create an eyeliner flick.

Okay, so masking tape is probably less expensive, but if you haven’t got that to hand, use Washi. Put the tape under your eye, and use it as a template to draw upwards, therefore creating a cat flick. (Because free style is blooming hard!)

Notebook decoration.

When I went to collage, every book I had for each subject had to have my name in it-a label, declaring that I had made it to a new level of maturity. (Sort of.) Anyway, Notebooks can be a bit bland, particularly if a school exercise book. Cover it in Washi!

What are your Washi hacks?

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2 thoughts on “Washi Tape Hacks.

  1. rebekahgillian says:

    I love washi tape! I haven’t bought many of the more expensive kinds yet, but I love experimenting with cheaper packs. I recently went on a small binge of them on Amazon and I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can add to my collection! I often use them for decorating my journal with (it’s more of a photo/art journal than a written one, but it reflects on real events), as it spruces the pages up a little more than glue would. I NEED to try out some of these hacks, though! In my personal opinion, the plaster idea is pure genius.

    Liked by 1 person

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