Letter to the seasons.

* This post was inspired by the song Seasons Change, as sung by Anastacia; I’ve embedded the video here, as it was the lyrically context that inspired this.

Dear Seasons of the year,

You know, this year I began to appreciate you t that little bit more; I admire your beauty as Summer turns into Autumn, but I loved the winter nights, the flowers in spring just that little bit more.

I think this year I’ve (hopefully!) become a little bit wiser. Something synonymous with age, I used you as a marker; it was scary for me, in that one minute it was Autumn, the next Summer, complete with the unbearable heatwave, which signalled the incoming exams. Everything seems to have changed now. And I keep looking back, thinking phrases such as “Last summer I’d have been..”, “This Autumn I’ll be..”

I’m grateful for you, in all honesty; with each change, I have come to know that this world, despite being messed up in some respects, is a beautiful place. We aren’t here for long; we need to do the best we can, and be kind to those who we meet.

I think that I have also learnt from you, in some respects:  if it looks stormy, where a coat; if you’re going to be a book fairy for the day, check the weather; dark colours are seemingly mood appropriate for bad weather, etc. It’s been harsh at times, and I’m still learning as to how to dress weather appropriately (because, spoilers: Aspergers means I don’t always do this.)

You also acted as my motivator this year; blogging daily meant planning for seasons in advance. Because August is totally appropriate for Christmas! But I again had to use you as a marker in applying for my Journalism diploma; now that was a scary application. And maybe one day I will write about how I came to be an NTCJ alumni here.

Thank you for just being there this year.

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