My Autumn Playlist by Nina Vuckovic. (Guest post.)

This is a guest post, completely unique to this week, by Nina over at this blog. (Click here to view.)

Lydia invited me from Kekoas Korner to write a guest post on Mademoiselle Women and I feel honoured. So my blog is about music and this is why I’ve created a fall playlist exclusively for Mademoiselle Women. It will entail a few new songs but also classics. My goal is for you listeners to feel good about yourself and be happy. So let me start:

What About Us by P!nk – She has to be number 1. She is an amazing woman and finally we get new music! It is a super strong song and I get goosebumps everytime I hear it.

Rain by The Script – Another one of my favourites. They are incredibly lovely and they know how to treat fans. Be part of the #TheScriptFamily you will feel love.

Caught in the Middle by Anastacia – She is another super strong woman and has finally released another album. This song is one of my fav’s of the album, Evolution. Make sure to have a listen.

The Sky is a neighborhood by The Foo Fighters – Staying rocky we have to have Foo Fighters on the list. Anastacia and this band released their album on the same day and they are masterpieces in their respective genres.

Life’s About to get Good by Shania Twain – Another power woman who’s got new music coming. This is the first single of her newest album. It is a feel good song and perfect for the depressing winter months.

Them Stems“ by Chris Stapleton – Staying country we have to have a bit of Chris Stapleton in our lives. This is one good country song and needs to be on everyone’s radar.

Gimme Love by KARAVANN – I’m Swiss and I’m proud to say that we have really good music in our country. So this band is one of my newest discoveries and you got to adore this incredible voice!

I Lived by One republic – It is one of my all time favourites. It basically says live the life you love. Please turn the volume all the way up because it’s the only way to listen to this beautiful song.

Feels by Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean – To lighten the mood a bit. This is a fun light song and I’m obsessed with it 🙂

Feel it still by Portugal. The Man – Another light song which I cannot get enough from. Makes me want to dance everytime I hear it… and believe me it is quite a lot these days.

Thunder by Imagine Dragons – I’ve them live quite a few times and they are incredible. But this is not the reason why I like this song. It has a superb rhythm and the video of the song shows Dubai a lot and the funny thing is I saw this clip in Dubai for the first time. So it has a special place in my heart.

Beautiful Life by Pegasus – I want to mention another Swiss band who is just brilliant. Unfortunately I could only find a link to an album preview and not to the song itself but it is well worth listening to!

Love my Life by Robbie Williams – He is just one of the best entertainer there is out there and this song is just beautiful. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll be amazed how deep they are.

Too Good At Goodbyes“by Sam Smith – His voice is incredible and let’s face it he could sing a up and down a phone book and we would still love it. So his newest single has to be on this playlist.

Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran – I wanted a fun up-tempo song to finish this playlist with and this is it. Ed Sheeran has two irish songs on his Divide album and let me tell you they make me want to irish dance and sing along to and most importantly they leave you with a warm fuzzy happy feeling.

I hope you will enjoy Kekoas Korner’s fall playlist as much as I did making it. Comment below how you liked it. I’m always keen to know what people think of music 🙂

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