Blogging For Business with Hannah, Rand0mg41.

Note: as there weren’t enough respondents for a guest post week, I thought that it would be nice to include this interview, as it’s another Blogger’s voice. 

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know about one of the recurring interview segments; Blogging for business. One of my main goals, on an almost weekly basis, is to interview a Blogger about their blog, how they set it up, the inspiration, and about how they may blog for business. Today’s interview is with Hannah, 19, who blogs at rand0mg41 (click here to view.) 

Why and how did you begin to blog?
1) It was pretty much spur of the moment, it had been a thought of mine for a while having seen a few friends and people I know do it, very late at night on my sisters birthday I was sat at home in bed and I literally just set one up. Then the day after I started making all the changes and decisions.

What would you describe as your niche?
2) My blog is niche-less, I’d say I cover a lot of different topics and categories so I wouldn’t want to specify myself to one genre. I have done posts on travel, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, personal, blogger awards and fitness etc. So I feel there is a little something for everyone in my blog.

What do you think about blogging for business?
3) I think even to get a little bit of income from my blog would be incredible! Because I am still very new to it, I’m currently growing my audience and creating as much good content as I can, I eventually would love to go self hosted for more opportunities to work with brands/companies and grow my blog even more!

Any tips?
4) Its hard work, time consuming, stressful but SO worth it! If you are considering setting up a blog or something similar my advice is Just do it! Go for it! The worst thing that can happen is you stop or take it down, and then try again! If it’s what you want and you have the determination, you’ll get it!

Thank you very much to Hannah for her interview answers; click here to see her blog. And if you’d like to get involved, contact me via the page of the same name.

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