Guest Post: Taryn from She Hangs Brightly on bejewelling a Skull.

After various callouts on Twitter for October and December guest posts, Taryn of She Hangs Brightly (click here to see her blog) got in contact with me. Her she tells us about her hobby to bejewel a skull. As part of Blogtober, this is a guest post week, with appropriate topics of ‘Autumn’. 
So in my conquest to make Pinterest saved crafty projects terribly I took on bejewelling a skull. There was a few to choose from, and obviously I didn’t use a real one, but I picked up an amazing crow skull replica from Ebay. You can pick any kind of skull you want, but as the cross has a long beak and a lot of head to cover, this was my choice!
I picked up some stick on half pearls from Primark, and then decided on lilac stick on half pearls from Ebay. I saw on Pinterest that someone had put a full pearl in the eye socket for an eye effect but I thought I’d take the simpler route for my first project!

So as you can see in the pictures, I did one side of the skull, and then popped some in the eye socket for interest. You can really be so creative with this, do the whole skull, use all different colours, it’s really up to you! I am currently planning my second skull, much to my OH’s horror, but as I am all about Halloween 24/7 I am definitely into this hobby!
Have you made something like this? Show me pics!
T xx

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