Why I’m Not Doing Blogtober.

Good day!

For some reader, the title of today’s post will probably be a bit odd; just what is Blogtober? (A new Blogger term for your lexicon!) Anyway, this post will explain what it is, why I’m not doing it, and a general update on everything.

Blogtober is a blog celebration of all things Autumn; you post daily throughout October, with Autumnal themed content. This could range from photography to a seasonal photo diary, to a DIY project, or your latest project.

A season is not something that I really identify with as a theme; when I tried doing this previously, the content that come out of it was mawkish, award, boring and blah. For me, it would have had to be something a little bit more specific-like Christmas-for me to write about. (More about that later.) ‘Autumn’ meant I had too many ideas, not enough understanding, etc. 

So, I will be posting daily, but not with the theme. Make sense? I hope so.

So, instead, I thought I would do a ‘clock in’ style of post.

Things I’m excited for this month: 

-I’ll be attending a Sylvia Plath event; a new, and far more comprehensive, version of her letters is going to be published, and going to an event is exciting for me. (The book will also be released this month.)

-Hilary Clinton is publishing her new book, What Happened. 

-I’ll be going to a Journalism Diversity Fund event and lunch, as I’m one of the recipients of the fund. There’ll also be a Seminar, which I’m so excited for. 

-A blog box swap with Britt from Alternatively Speaking. 

-I’ll also be starting my Journalism diploma. 

What I’m listening to; this playlist is marked as ‘Meltdown’, just in case I’m out in public and feel overwhelmed, because #ActuallyAutistic :

Queen: Big Spender , Dragon Attack, Flash, Get Down, Make Love, The March Of The Black Queen, Now I’m Here, Ogre Battle. Lissie: Boyfriend, Further Away, What’s It Like, Amy MacDonald: Caledonia , The Contender , Dream on , L.A, Let’s Start A Band, This Is The Life, Under Stars, A Wish For Something More, Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman. Anastacia: Don’tcha Wanna , Freak Of Nature (Live), Naughty, Not That Kind, Other Side Of Crazy, Overdue Goodbye, Rearview, Resurrection, The Saddest Part, Seasons Change, Underdog, Underground Army, What Can We Do, Who’s Gonna Stop The Rain, Who’s Loving You, Yo Trippin. Carly Simon: Embrace Me You Child, Let The River Run, Tired Of Being Blonde, You Have To Hurt. Beyonce: Freedom , Brian May and Kerry Ellis: Golden Days, I Who Have Nothing, Parisienne Days, Story Of A Heart, Emeli Sande: Hurts, Roger Taylor: I Wanna Testify.

Some posts I’ve been reading: Why A Reader Will Always Be A Better Writer, Mental Health Favourites , The best white chocolate chip cookies,  Using Writing As A Type Of Therapy.  .

My goals:  Send a post pal letter (Post Pals is a charity that collects mail for sick Children);  practice my Shorthand daily; read a political book as I miss my class; take part in an Instagram challenge; have a no-spending week; and spend less on stamps!

Untitled design

P.S There’ll a guest post week from tomorrow; there is some Autumn content, just in case 😀

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