Blog Tour: The Christmas Holiday by Maxine Morrey*

Disclaimer: I was sent a PDF of the book mentioned in the title, in order to review it, at my own request. What follows constitutes my own opinion.

Book Cover-1.jpg

Where do I begin with this book?

I was attracted to tis book for the Christmas vibe, but also because, at the core of the story, is a Journalist. (As a reader, any book with a Journalist virtually always has my vote of confidence-simply because I’m also training to be one. #Narcissism ) And I think that both of these go really well together.

The basic plot is thus: Journalist Mia is being sent on an assignment by her slightly-scary boss, involving his daughter. The problem is that the photographer is her arrogant ex-boyfriend; Hunter is described as being the perfect male in terms of superficial looks, but seems to have a very different personality.

What could possibly go wrong?!

Now, I have yet to finish this book, at the time of writing; because life gets in the way, y’know? But I really like the punchy prose; this book is written like the way people talk-sharp, snappy, straight to the point. (Sibilance on point today!) It’s nice to have a book that isn’t exactly literature; the way it’s stylised means that the story moves on rapidly, at a rate that keeps you gripped, and isn’t exactly taking any prisoners with it.

Just one small point of criticism, though; I think that the lexicon could have been expanded a little bit more-and made to be subject appropriate. If you’re a Journalist, shouldn’t you be talking about ‘copy’, your ‘feature’, ‘deadlines?

If you’re going away this Christmas (yes, point taken: it’s EARLY!) then I think this is the book to taken with you; it’s just right for a holiday, and fits exactly into what you would call a ‘holiday read’.

Click here to buy. 

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