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Disclaimer: over on my Instagram page, Say Nice Things followed me. As a Stationery brand, I was keen to work with them, particularly given the brand ethos. I was gifted a notebook, pencil, and Christmas cards, in exchange for an honest review.

Morning everyone!

Whenever there’s stationery involved, I always get very excited; wether to curb me feeling anxious via planning (take that, ASD!), or to send a pen pal letter, I have a reasonably mild  addiction. Say Nice Things have an awesome website, and I could not wait to see what would come in the post.
Here’s what I got:
(Sorry about the background; photos had to be taken in the car, but luckily I wasn’t driving.)


Hmmm… you know that feeling when you feel like it’s Christmas? That’s what I felt lie on opening this package. Inside cardboard casing, the notebook, pencil, and postcards all slotted in well-very satisfying. Also: very environmentally friendly. Everything was wrapped in a tuna coloured tissue paper, and the logo peeked out underneath subtly. Brownie point for not being ‘in your face’ with this!

The Product Itself: 

Crystal A5 Journal:
This is perfection in notebook form! I love the kooky unique design, plus it just feels so smooth! There’s also a bookmark, and the insides are divided into six different sections-complete with a content page. I’ll be saving this for my NTCJ course-as a notebook for lesson notes-but I feel that for anyone who is Autistic, and needs to plan out their routine, this is brilliant. (And it’s small enough to fit in your bag.)
Say Nice Things at Christmas postcard pack:
Yes, I know… bit early, being September! But I have to plan months in ahead as I post daily. For £5 I would have liked to have maybe seen just one or more postcards in this pack-to be really good value for money-but the quality of the paper is fab! It also comes in it’s own packet. Watch this space, as I plan to do Blogger Christmas cards this year.
Graphite Pencil, White:
This one I had a bit of trouble with; on the website it did say that there was two in a pack-but one came, although that may be because I’m a Blogger, and I was being a bit of an ‘upstart’ by asking to review stationery. (That’s my opinion..) It was a bit hard to get out of its packaging-although lovely to look at-and I feel that maybe a Pencil Sharpener should also be stocked on the website. (Currently I don’t own one..)


Paperchase has a serious contender for my new favourite Stationery brand. (Yes, really.) Say Nice Things has a great ethos, well designed stationery, and is incredibly pleasing to the eye; in future I would love to see it expand it’s stock. It’s a small company I know, but there is some diversity lacking in the products; plus, I’d love to see what their letter sets would look like. (Perfect for Pen Paling!)

To browse Say Nice Things products, click here. 

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