Being a book fairy.


-> If you’ve just read the title, you’re probably thinking: “Does she know that fairies don’t actually exist”? (Point taken.)

A little while ago, through various blog posts, magazine articles, etc, I came across the project of Books On The Underground; the project follows the simple concept that books are left on the Underground for people to find, but a sticker is stuck on front of them, asking them to return the book to the Underground once read. (Find out more here.)  *

They have since expanded, with another branch of the project called The Book Fairies, who do the same, but all over the world; anyone can join in! What could possibly be more satisfying?

For a little while now, I’ve also been leaving ‘Kindness notes’ in places that I got, as inspired by the One Million Lovely Letters Project (find to more here) and More Love Letters (again, find out more here.) So.. I put the two together!

In my bedroom, there’s a stack of books-at about fifty or more-that I wish to get rid of; for my first drop, I wrapped up a book about King Tut by James Patterson in craft paper and twine, and stuck one of the letters on front. (Bit of a scruffy looking thing, granted..)

This was my first book drop; on reflection, I should have chosen a better location, rather than in a tree in the woods near my house; the next day, it rained VERY  heavily. (Lets just hope someone picked it up before this happened.)

The book has since gone from the tress, so I presume that this was a successful ‘book drop’; it was very peaceful in doing so, and I didn’t feel like I was being watched all the time, unlike when I went on an Instagram letter crawl. (How modern!)

For anyone with Aspergers like me, I feel that as long as you choose the right environment to do this in, this is a perfect thing you could do for an hour or two; there aren’t a lot of people, you can do it by yourself, and there are very minor sensory interactions. Just make sure it’s a sunny day before you leave books outside!

Untitled design


*To date, I have yet to find one of these books; personally I prefer the hiding part though.

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