Day Out To Oxford. (Photo Diary.)

Prior to this day back in August, I’d never been to Oxford; I knew of it from books like The Golden Compass (being set there.) but not much else. Therefore, I thought I’d share a photo diary of what I saw, ate, and did back in August..
First up… Waterstones! They had far more fancier displays than they do in my local town. I really liked this display in particular, as the book was about women being the more dominant in terms of gender balance.. (I also really wasn’t a fan on the lower floor of this shop; there were way too many people, and very limited staff. I wish desperately I had my headphones; the sensory overload was horrible..)
One of my favourite shops here was called Pylones; it was sort of bizarre in a way, as it had incredibly quirky stuff-on a street with very high end shops! But it was very quiet in this shop, had a lot to look at, and the manager at the time was charming. (A simple “Hello” goes a long way!)
Throughout the shop there was quite the cat theme going on… But look at these Kitchen tongs! (Do they remind anyone else of a Roald Dahl book?)
I also had a lot of fun in Tiger… look, it’s a bearded notebook!
I was so tempted to buy this..
And last of all to finish; “coffee” in Waterstones cafe! It was a very ‘writerly’ environment; incredibly quiet, people tapping at MacBooks or pouring over notes, people giggling over their beverages or scribbling away frantically in margins..
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