Day out suggestions for people with Asperger's Syndrome.


For a little while now, I’ve been thinking; what would be the perfect day out? (A place that wouldn’t overwhelm my senses, or make me feel incredibly anxious, as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. With that in mind, I developed a bit of a criteria that works for me: needs to be quiet, serve a purpose, maybe fulfils a special interest. * So, here’s a list of ideas!


Or, more specifically, the British Library. This is the biggest library in the UK; it also has various exhibits, and books used for research purposes. Although it can be a little bit overcrowded at times, there is something very peaceful about this place. It is also very informative-apt for special interests-and has quite wide open areas. To find out what’s on, please click here. 

Night In

Maybe you don’t have to go out; maybe you can stay in instead. A personal favourite thing of mine to do is to have a film evening; go through a stack of films, have your dinner in front of it, complete with a stack of your favourite treats. Pyjamas, blankets, nail varnish and face masks optional.


Some cinema’s now how regular Autism screenings, which I think is absolutely brilliant. Measures taken include no trailers, less lighting, bringing your own food, etc. To find out more, click this link.

The Beach

This ones needs a bit of consideration.. go when it’s cool, the summer holiday’s are over, and with shoes to stop sand getting in your feet.


Again, this is something that I really love to do; at the best of times there isn’t always a lot of people, and they are dimly lit enough not to make me feel anxious. It is also apt for indulging in special interests-if you go to the right exhibition. The V&A is an excellent place for this; Kensington Palace has some good exhibits about the royal family; and the National Portrait Gallery often has little gems tucked up its sleeve.

Go local

Sometimes local can be a good thing; if travelling far makes you feel anxious, this is perfect! And if you live in a smallish town, there may not necessarily be too many people visiting.

Cat Cafe

I love Lady Dinah’s! This cat cafe-yes, you can eat your food, and be surrounded by cats-is a quiet place, has subtle lighting, and incredibly friendly staff. You can see my review of the place by clicking here. 

Where would you go for a day out?

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* These are outings that would work for me, but as Autism is subjective for everyone on the spectrum, this list may not be a ‘perfect fit’ for everyone. Please keep that in mind when booking an outing.

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