Wanted: One friend. Must meet requirements.

*After the response to my post ‘A wish that will never come true’, (click here to view) the idea for this post started to form in my head; what follows constitutes a slightly tongue-in-cheek post about autism and friendship. (As well as how difficult it can be to make friends if on spectrum.) I was also inspired by this post over at Too Cute For Life (click here to view); I really like the writing style, so tried to write in a similar vein.
Wanted: one friend.
The person in particular: anyone-all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds, religions, etc. Can be online, in the flesh, just not by smoke signals. Communication is key here 🙂
Patience; Owing to my Aspergers, I do have the tendency to repeat myself a lot, ask seemingly random questions, and I may also panic a lot. It’s a sensory thing, not being able to necessarily deal with places like the Underground, Primark, etc. Patience will be needed because I know that I can test people at times; maybe a smidge of tolerance also.
Be understanding of Aspergers Syndrome: No brainer really. It’s why I blog, and it is what makes me ‘me’. See above point. You could even read into it!
Punctual; see point above. Early is on time, on time is late to me. As long as you have a watch, and the want to, I’m happy.
Kindess: Because what is a friend who is nasty towards you? They are not a friend, and are more likely to be a bully. Kindness is so, so important. We could all do with being just that little bit kinder; not bitching about someone, complimenting people, etc. You can read more of my thoughts here.  
Dry humour: because we also need laughter, and this is pretty much the only sort of humour I can understand. I don’t always understand sarcasm, or the subtle parts of the English language by contrast. And who doesn’t like to laugh?
Interests-including, but not limited to:
The rock band Queen, Anne Frank, poetry such as Sylvia Plath, US history, politics and culture, the life and times of Jacqueline Kennedy, newspapers, creating poetry, going to exhibitions, politics as a concept, being creative, blogging, concerts, writing, good fiction, crocheting, opinions, people and Faberge eggs (creating and the history.)
Should you accept this position, your duties will be to: 
Ask me daily how I am, and to listen, then with advice, as to any thoughts, frustrations, reactions, etc I may have. I can do the same for you also. Because lets have a reciprocal conversation!
Be the one who texts me first occasionally; it could be just a “Hey, how’s your day?”, to arrange a social meeting out, a joke, a recommendation, whatever. I’d also do the same for you; because I dislike to be lonely, and I’m pretty sure you’d also not like to be lonely.
Indulge me with my special interests, ASD means I can’t give them up. And sometimes I have felt such shame around that, yet it has lead me to create this blog, interview scholars, go to exhibitions, etc.
What I can offer:
Tickets to concerts as a guest of mine, meeting the odd celebrity and/or hero, admissions to events, lots of laughter, and the occasional original verse for you. There would also be one cat, lots of music, and being silly-giggling when appropriate.
I can cook a mean Macaroni Cheese. I’ve also been told that I also bake great cake, which can be made to your own specifications. We would also never run out of books-because, shock horror, books are life-and you would never be bored.

Apply now!

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  1. lisamclachlan
    September 22, 2017 / 2:00 pm

    LOVE this post, it’s brilliant! As one of your penpals, please may I also apply for this position? I’m sure you’ll have lots of applications but I’m getting in here first, haha! X

  2. Chloe Clarke
    September 22, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    This is such a sweet post! And just what everybody wants in a friend 🙂

  3. September 23, 2017 / 1:49 pm

    Not sure if I’m humorous, but I cover everything else. Where do I apply?

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