We Are Tea review*.

Disclaimer: I was sent these samples to review at my own request; what follows constitutes my own review.



I was first introduced to We Are Tea from Rose Tinted Calli; a tea-producing company with a bit of a difference, I was delighted to be sent some samples to review. My intention is to perhaps bake with these samples-and if I do, I’ll probably post about that later 🙂



I was really impressed with this brand; the samples were sent-quite literally samples, you can by bigger packets-and with minimal packaging. Got to celebrate that in a brand, right? I also really liked the design; simple black background, with the logo, and colour-coded text based on the flavour.

The flavours I were sent were:

  • Chamomile infusion tea.
  • Super berry infusion tea.
  • Earl grey supreme black tea.
  • Sencha green tea.
  • Peppermint leaf infusion tea.

The sample bags are also dinky enough to slip into your handbag; perfect if you’re going away! They also have a semi-retro feel that I like; plus, in the bags themselves for the infusion tea, there was also a teeny tiny logo on the label. Great branding all in all.

The product itself: 

On opening the Super Berry infusion, I was then aback at how good it smelt; it was quite strong, even without being added to hot water. (Boy, did it smell good!) I did however think that the actual tea bag could be a little bit fuller; the various tea drinkers I know are very precise about this. (And to be honest, this is the only real fault that I have with this product.


I really do love this brand; I can’t wait to fully incorporate it, and write some recipes for you.

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