Technic Brush Cleaner Review*

Disclaimer: On Twitter I saw a call out from Technic Cosmetics, asking for Bloggers to test their Brush Cleaner. I was gifted with the cleaner and two brushes to try out; what follows is my own opinion. 

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As I posted yesterday, I have a problem with the whole ‘feminine’ thing; I would not consider myself to be very feminine, and I have some trouble with cosmetics as a collective thing. But on a practical level, I’ve started to learn about how people take care of their cosmetics; keeping them clean is also a sensory thing for me that makes me feel so much better. Therefore, I was really excited to try the Technic Cosmetics brush cleaner.
This was a surprise package; having forgotten that this was on the way, I was really excited to see what was inside. The cleaner, two brushes, and letter were nestled inside, and utilised to the best of the space. There was minimal space left, meaning that it was more environmentally friendly than other companies. Here’s what was inside:
Have you heard of the Apple slogan: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”? Well, this was it in a nutshell. The branding is not all ‘in your face’; there’s also an element of being enticed into looking at the brushes. I also loved the letter heading, as it seemed to be quite a bold declaration.
The product itself: 
The cleaner was in quite a large tub; it was oversized, and didn’t quite fit into my hand. I LOVED the cucumber scent-so good!-but the thing is, there wasn’t really any instructions as to what to do with it. I took the plunged; got the smaller brush dirty (as the larger I’m saving, and it’s too big for my face), and subsequently looked like a clown for half an hour. (Don’t worry, I washed it off before I went anywhere.) We’re told to ‘add water’; so, I swiped the brush across the gel, with a bit of water, and rinsed. In terms of results: this was blinking good. The brush was virtually restored to the original condition it was in, apart from where my lipstick had stained it. (Wrong brush, I later found out.) Maybe there could be additional instructions added to the packaging though? It was difficult to think as to what to do otherwise.
I like how this cleaner cleared all of the grub off it; it allowed my skin to feel a lot better on next application, and it smelt so good. It was also quite satisfactory in the standard of cleanliness; if you’re like me and have Aspergers, this is a product you cannot go wrong with.
If you’d like to buy the cleaner, or any other product, click here to access the Technic Cosmetics website.
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