Pocket Notebooks Subscription Box: Review*


Now, I can’t remember how I was introduced to Pocket Notebooks; it was most probably due to their social media presence. Anyway, I liked the brand as A. this was all about stationery that fitted in your pocket , B. As somebody with Aspergers, they sell an array of products that would be lovely for my planning/routine needs, and C. the company has a wonderful website, that even I found easy to navigate. I was delighted to be gifted with their August subscription box, and shall be reviewing it for today’s post.

Now, as a Disclaimer: these products I am reviewing have been gifted to me, for me to do exactly that. It was at my own request, and for me to publish my honest opinion about. The photos have also been edited, as not to giveaway my address.



I think it’s probably fair to say that I can be quite lonely; with Aspergers, I don’t really have much of a social life. Parcels make me smile-along with pen pal letters-because they make me feel the very antithesis of this. I’d forgotten that this parcel was on its way to me, so was delighted to receive it.

This parcel was addressed to “The Amazing Lydia Wilkins”; what a lovely thing to put!

I did have a bit of trouble opening this parcel; it opens from the sides, and the product has to be slid out from there, rather than coming from out of the top. If this design was changed, I would prefer the subscription box just that little bit more. It was also just a little bit busy; the postman had to shove it through the door with quite some force.

The product itself: 


Look how seductively this is wrapped up!

In the box there was quite a lot of stuff-and great value for money; in no particular order: 

-A Cocktail Stick.

-A ‘Word’ sticker.

-Huge elastic band.

-Two packs of notebooks with three in each.

I really like the theme of ‘Ocean’ for this month; it’s unique, and a bit more unique than what you’d find in your average box. So, the notebook were blue, had photos of the literal sea-and the cocktail stick fitted in perfectly!

I’m not really sure what the huge elastic band can be used for..simply as it’s so big (!) But these notebooks are perfect for Christmas gifts, such as stocking fillers. The blue notebook was my favourite item, and once I have finished my current notebook, it will be my replacement, although a personal preference is for a bigger notebook for my massive writing.


Here’s everything that was inside:

I really like this subscription box, and how it made me feel a lot less lonely; it also bought back more than a hint of nostalgia, for warmer weather… I just think that the packaging needs some refining. I’d also like to see a future box with the theme of ‘Retro’; imagine how cool that would be!

To subscribe to the Pocket Notebooks curated stationery box, click here. 

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