Law of attraction planner review*

Disclaimer: this review contains a PR sample that I was sent at my own request. What follows is my own honest opinion. 

Good morning!

Ah Facebook… sometimes I love you, sometimes I don’t. But it can be a good thing; I came across Law Of Attraction Planners. I got in contact with them, four where sent for me to review, so here we are!


Aren’t they just gorgeous?


I was really impressed with this; considering how far the planner came (see four above), there was hardly any space left, meaning that the packaging had been utilised to the best of its ability. The four planners were packed tightly, making for a very bulky parcel.


The product itself:

I really like the concept of these planners; the basic concept is that you attract what you feel, so the idea is to create exactly that. There are sections for goals, motivation, weeks-to-views, appointments, and more. It’s very Gala Darling, wouldn’t you agree?

The thing is though, these planners are incredibly bulky; they wouldn’t necessarily be the thing that I would carry around. I also think that it would suit just one sort of person-those who wish to achieve spiritually, materialistically, etc. The insides are pleasing, in terms of the mis-en-scene, but they don’t necessarily suit me. I also really like the undated version.



As someone loves stationery, I really like these planners; the concept is cool, and I feel that they would make epic Christmas presents. They just aren’t something that is necessarily for me.

Untitled design

Click here to purchase a planner.



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