My heroes; on spectrum or not.


To me, Heroes are something very important; these are people who we can look up to, admire, wish to emulate, etc. If you know me well, I have a lot of heroes; their photos decorate my bedroom walls. From Freddie Mercury to Rowan Coleman, there’s a lot of people. Whether they are on Spectrum or not, here is a list of people that are my heroes.
1. This man from the BBC.
Let’s start off with someone who is on the spectrum; this story had me hooked when I saw it on the BBC. (Click here to view.)  This article about his life story was again proving to me that Aspergers Syndrome and Autism can be an asset; we may need a little help at times, but we can do great things with our skills that come with the condition.
2. Freddie Mercury.
For a while Queen were one of my ‘Special interests’; during this time in my life I would read all that I could about them, tried to buy all of their studio albums, collected some very hipster Vinyl, watched Highlander, met Brian May, read his books… But the voice of Freddie Mercury is something that bought me some comfort, in that if ever I felt overwhelmed by sensory reactions, etc, it was his voice that I would tune into. I loved Gimme The Prize, and ballads such as One Year Of Love. He’s my hero, as is Brian May, as they make me feel better.
3. Jacqueline Kennedy.
I had a special interest with Jacqueline Kennedy, which was relative to my interest in American Politics, History, Culture, etc. But I like how she was incredibly educated at a time when it was not viewed as the correct way for a woman to be; she also wrote creatively, and went on to be a very successful book editor later on in her life. To me, she was part of a literary glamorous type of era, which is something I love.
4. Rowan Coleman.
Across this blog I’ve written a lot about Rowan, along the lines of reviewing her books, interviewing her, etc. I love the way she writes, and the stories she tells; having originally seen her writing in Mizz about her Dyslexia, I was inspired when latterly diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. She was incredibly kind to me at her launch party for The Summer Of Impossible Things. Her books make me feel less alone.
5. Gala Darling.
The uber cool Blogger, complete with a lot of pink, sparkles, and just a little bit of sass; what’s not to love?! Gala is a guru in Radical Self Love, a movement she is founder and creator of.
6. Lesley Ann Jones.
I came across this woman and her work when looking for a Freddie Mercury biography that I had yet to read. She’s one of a kind; a show biz Journalist, and someone who got to go ‘on tour’ with some incredibly cool rock bands. What more can I say? She’s somebody I would love to be able to emulate in terms of writing style.
7. Anastacia. 
This woman. Seriously, I know. She’s kind, got a great voice, and produces some lovely tunes. I got to meet her, have seen her on tour three times, and interview her. For me, she turned a dream into reality. ‘To be left outside alone……’
8. Brian May. 
I couldn’t just have Freddie Mercury on my list without Brian, could I? I got to meet him, I love his books, and his songs with Kerry Ellis are something that I have on replay virtually all the time. His tweets make me smile. And I would love to interview him.
9. Matt Haig. 
Because this man made me cry with his book How To Stop Time; he was also lovely to chat to at the Foyles Quick Read event. Although I do disagree with his politics at times, he talks a lot of sense about mental health; if we listened to him a lot more, I feel that we’d get somewhere!
10. Anne Frank. 
I know that this is a cliche, but she was my first real special interest; her diary sparked my interest in the second world war. I got to do a lot of things off the back of reading the diary. And I will always remember picking up her diary for the first time.

Heroes are important for a variety of reasons; who are yours and why?

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