Words of Wisdom from around the internet.

As I’ve said before, the internet can be a really cool place; the kindness of strangers, people that I have never met, often astounds me. For this post, I decided to share various links of pieces from around the internet; they have made me laugh, cry, think, and every emotion in between.

The Revolution will be liked, tweeted, shared.

Faz is a blogger that I love; she’s chic, sophisticated, and has an immense writing ability. Whilst reading back through her blog, I found this post (click here to view.)  Of all stereotypes, the ‘millennials are so entitled’ one is something that bothers me most; just because of when I was born should not invalidate my opinions. This piece really cheered me up.

What is Domain Authority? 

I’m still learning as a Blogger; this post is a really good explanation for what domain authority is. It’s something I would recommend for you all. Although I’m still not really sure what it is-and I tweeted about it a little while ago-this was really useful.

Ladies, let’s get in formation…

This piece is written by Ann Shoket, as part of her Badass Babes movement. (Click here to view.) Any piece that references Beyonce in a career-related sense also gets my vote of confidence.Beyonce makes everything better, right? This career piece was emailed to me as part of the newsletter, and I’d advise anyone to sign up.

Ten Thoughts I have While Meditating. 

Envy Fisher is one uber cool Blogger; her blog does not have a niche, and it can almost be  random in a way. This post (click here to view) is about meditating, and I think it is completely relatable. It is also quite amusing as well; it mirrors my thoughts completely.

How To Avoid Getting Shadow Banned On Instagram.

Across various blogs as well as social media, there’s been a general hubbub about shadow banning on Instagram. Until I read this post, (click here to view), I had no idea as to what it was; as a Blogger, this piece will be incredibly useful. Use it well.

Dr Paw Paw Review. 

Click here to view.  Tania is a very talented blogger; hats off to her! I like her beauty coverage in particular, and I would like to try this product myself.

How to define your blog. 

This post (Click here to view. ) was really useful to me; I often struggle with how to ‘sell’ this blog. (‘Lifestyle without a niche’-but what makes it special, what makes it unique?) This post was useful because of it; I shall use it one day.

The dilemma of disclosing Autism.

Of all things, this piece (click here to view), has put into words what I think; largely, it’s good if you disclose that you have Aspergers Syndrome, but it can also be a dilemma, in the sense that it can be used against you.

50 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal.

A Beautiful Chaos is an incredible, and I love this post about bullet journal layouts (click here to view)   Bullet Journals are all over blogs, but this one stood out for me most of all, as it was creative in telling me what to write.

Being an unapologetic Blogger.

Do you see Bloggers who, just because life gets in the way, are always, always saying sorry? Yeah, it bugs me as well, as Blogging is a hobby largely. Therefore, why the apology? This post is all about why we should stop apologising, as we have no need. (Click here to view) 


What great things have you read on the internet recently?

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