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This post is from when I visited London a little while ago. I visited the V&A where I looked at two exhibits-Pink Floyd amongst them-looked in several galleries, and had a snack in the members room. I also got to look at a very cool Bookshop..
Part of the reason as to why I was in London was to attend the Book Launch for The Summer Of Impossible Things; I had been silly enough not to bring my proof copy, so ended up buying a hardback. (Just to get it signed!) Rowan knew me from Twitter as “the Queen fan”, which we just had to chat about.. I also got to meet her husband, made a new Italian friend, and chatted to Rowan’s publicist.
This is the three of us… Yes, I know I look a little bit strange (I captioned this as *Sees cake, thinks to self: Come here!) but that was because there was a lot of people, and by backpack meant I kept loosing my balance with people moving around.
The place that the bookshop was based in was just a street of largely Bookshops, or the occasional Vintage shop. The week I went was the same week as the twentieth anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being published; what a pretty window!
This was one of the Jewellery shops; it caught my eye largely because of the sheer amount of stuff that was in the window. Some of it wasn’t exactly to my taste-and besides, I haven’t exactly got anywhere I could wear any of it. I particularly loved the hat that you can see at the top of this photo.
I managed to get a close up shot of this (I think it’s a) Brooch; a curled up Tiger! I’d put that on a lapel of my coat.
London has a lot of history I think; to me it’s almost like New York, in the respect that as one of my favourite cities, it’ll always be one of those places I think “Yes, I can achieve whatever I wish here.” I could not resist taking a photo of this blue plaque.
Where the book launch took place. This bookshop may be small, but it has first editions, signed editions, and more. I spotted this…
Anyone who knows me will know just how much I adore Sylvia Plath and her poetry! To be rich for the day..
I saw this book, which was promptly added to the ‘To be read’ list.
At the V&A I got to go around the Balenciaga exhibit; I preferred it more to the Pink Floyd exhibit, to be honest. It was more interesting to me, meaning that I could go round looking at the dresses, the designs, old copies of Vogue, etc.
Just how tedious must it have been to hand paint the silk on this dress?
At times I will admit that I was a little bit overwhelmed, such as on the Tube with the amount of people, the heat, and the noise. (A way to cope with my Aspergers is that I find having headphones can be a big help, as it blocks all this sensory overload.) There was also quite a lot of people at the V&A, so I was sort of swimming at times.

What do you think about London?

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  1. September 6, 2017 / 1:23 pm

    I really am not a fan of the tube! I live in the middle of the countryside on a farm 7 miles from the nearest small town so it’s a massive shock going to London with all them people x

    • September 6, 2017 / 6:26 pm

      Ha ha ha, I get this also as I live in a small town 😀

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