Advice if you’re starting college.

By the time you’re reading this, I will have (hopefully) have left college, and gone on to a Diploma, in training to be a journalist. But as a previous student, I could at least impart a few words of advice, hence the reason for this post. If you’re starting college, here is some advice, (well, some hints and tips), for you:

  1. Be aware that this is quite a step up from GCSE. (Oh wow, how much of a teacher do I sound?!) But there is a lot expected of you-buying textbooks, extra reading, homework, teaching yourself some things. Just be warned.
  2. Your lecturer is there to help you, as it’s their job to do so. If you become stuck, do not understand something, or anything else, it is alright to ask them. It’s what they are there for, so why wouldn’t they want to help you?
  3. Be well stocked on paper and pens.
  4. Have a planner. (Oh, the bias!) But on a serious note, there will be deadlines, tests, recaps, homework, and in between, you’ll want a social life, surely? This is a method to effectively manage your time, and can be a real lifesaver.
  5. Start early with the revision. Cramming all the possible information at the last minute can be stressful. (Trust me, I tried it. Not good.)
  6. If you are still unsure of what career you’d like to have after college, go and chat to your career’s advisor. Again, their job is to help you.
  7. Similarly, a library is also a powerful resource, and not just for your own reading. It has textbooks, references, and more. (Trust me, I took combined English-and it has been quite a help to me at the best of times.) If ever you need anything, go and ask at the library.
  8. If you have any additional needs, register whatever it may be at the college, so you can have extra help if needed.
  9. Try to get a decent night’s sleep. It’s needed. Trust me.
  10. Try your best at everything, and if any setback occurs, try and try again. There isn’t any harm in trying, because you can only do your best.

I hope you have a wonderful two years,




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