Paperchase Haul.


This year I started up a Pen Paling Project, having been inspired by a post over at Abbey Louisa Rose. (Click here to view.)  Since then, I have exchanged various boxes and letters; the first post I posted was my exchange with Abbie of Abbie Chic (Click here to view.)  Whilst shopping for some goodies for these boxes, I had a splurge in Paperchase. Therefore, I though I would share my ‘Stationery Haul’. (These items were on sale, so may not be on the website now..)


  • Five postcards. (The support bra one is drawn by my favourite illustrator.)
  • Filofax blank paper inserts.
  • Envelope set.
  • Journal.

This haul largely took place in just about under fifteen minutes; I was on a deadline to find Dr Paw Paw for my sister’s birthday, but then I was enticed by the Paperchase sale.


There is something so satisfying about shopping gifts for people, and writing them a letter; the idea of the pen pal project was to dispel just a little bit of loneliness. Because we all just need to be a little bit kind; A Beautiful Chaos posted about this recently. 

If you’d like to exchange a letter, email or tweet me!

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