An open letter to people beginning college this year.

To whoever is reading.-

Whilst my experience of attending college was slightly abnormal-believe me, it really was not what you usually see-I still have some advice to impart to you. Because, really, throughout life, we all have to keep starting over and over again; do you remember that feeling you had on the first day of secondary school? Here’s how you can feel semi-comfortable on starting at college, although I cannot promise to hold all the answers.

Firstly, save every piece of paper you are given. Paper is essential.y currency when you get to college-it has all the details related to your education. (I didn’t keep them in a chronological order at all. Trust me, it would not buy you friends with your lecturers, if you’re currently always asking for them to re-photocopy something for you.) And it will help you far beyond what you think now, come by the time of your exams. (And by this, you can learn from my mistakes!)

College is also a huge leap from secondary school; you have to become independent with all your free periods, extra reading, homework, and revision. You may also be expected to undertake a paid job whilst attending-and these all have to be balanced. But, largely, it isn’t an environment based on popularity any more. (That was what I disliked most about secondary school; is it not boring to always converse about how pretty someone is, who X likes, and who did not do the homework in Y’s class?!) You’ll find new friends, but you’ll have to adapt more to expectation.

Keep doing what you love whilst at college; because there’s a lot more work to do, does not mean that you should let your hobbies slip. I mean, I have never had much of a social life-as somebody with Aspergers Sydrome, this was always the hallmark. But I blog daily now, and it’s what Iove to do. It’s also what keeps me sane.

And above all, if there is anything at all, you struggle with, ask for help. Your lecturer is always there to help; they are not ogres, who screech at you. (And if they are, they clearly are not being professional!) It’s always worth the while asking earlier, so you know what to do in the exam.






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