The blog posts that have inspired me.

What inspires you as a Blogger?

For me it was the attitude of other Bloggers; these smart, sassy women, some who have mental health conditions, who still write about the challenges they face.  As part of an internet community, they make me feel less alone as a female with Aspergers Syndrome. Therefore, I thought it apt to create a post about posts that have inspired me! Some of these posts are quite old, and the blog itself is not running any longer, but they were an influence to me.


Jean at Oberjean. 

This blog isn’t being run any more, which I think is a real shame; I loved Jean’s writing style, her choice of topics, and the way she dealt with them in turn. My favourite posts were ‘Filofaxes are cool’ (click here to view) and ‘Filofaxes are cool part two: organisation.’ (click here to view.) These inspired me to get my very first Filofax, and I love to return to this post.

Gemma at Gem Fatale. 

Like above, this blog is also now inactive; I loved the writing style, the outfit posts, as well as the nail tutorials. This post (click here to view)  was a favourite, as it signalled a ‘I don’t care what you think about my clothes’ attitude.

Nicole at A Beautiful Chaos. 

I have a lot of respect for Nicole; she blogs about mental health, and is the exact reverse of a stereotyped ditzy fashion blogger. She can be serious, but also posts ‘fun’ pieces with a twist; I also love that she advocates for self love (click here to view), but also takes time to explore who her favourite mental health bloggers. (Click here to view.)

Gala at Gala Darling. 

I have a lot of love for Gala Darling, the uber cool blogger, as she just has everything in perspective. My favourite posts are ‘A Filofax Love Affair’ (click here to view) , ‘It’s Your Attitude That Matters’ (Click here to view) and ‘Start A Gratitude Jar’ (Click here to view.) 

Tania at When Tania Talks. 

Despite having a (what I think of as) a decent memory, I cannot recall how I got on to When Tania Talks. This blog has a disability slant, which I admire. As a teen with Aspergers syndrome, ‘It’s Not All About You’ is a post I particularly identified with. (Click here to view.)

Abbie at Abbie Chic.

Abbie and I recently exchanged a Blogger Swap Box-and I think I was introduced to her blog via a Twitter Chat. But this post really stood out to me (click here to view). Although a ‘What’s in my bag?’ post, I love how the photos have been edited, and the witty tone with it.

Natalie at Gorgeous And Geeky. 

Like above, Natalie’s blog was another that I was introduced to via a Twitter Chat. I really like her take on the Liebster Award (click here to view). 

Beccy Kiernan at Beccy Kiernan. 

Beccy has been so kind to me! She tagged me in the #GTKMe challenge on Twitter, and has been complimentary on so many occasions. Her blog has such a clean cut and clear layout; I also love her style. This post (Click here to view)  is all about photo editing, and it doesn’t make me feel silly!

Emily at Thoroughly Modern Emily.

Emily at Thoroughly Modern Emily blogs about her love of vintage; she has a really cool sense of style. She also comes across as such a lovely human being on Twitter! ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ (click here to view) is a post I loved as it articulates what I’ve been trying to say for a long time.

What blog posts have inspired you?

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