Why I love writing letters.

Letters are a dying art, aren’t they?

These days, we’re always behind our computers, tapping away at our phones, scrolling through Twitter on our iPAD’S. Business is largely online. We order in things instead of going to a shop to buy them. We tweet, we blog. The list could go on and on.

Why I Love Writing Letters.

A little while ago I set up a pen pal project, inspired by this post by Abbey Louisa Rose. (Click here to view.) The idea of a ‘box swap’-choose a theme, set a budget, and send a blogger some surprise goodies-seemed lovely to me! (I did so with Abbie from Abbie Chic-you can see what I sent her here.)

I think that letters need to be bought back.


Well, from behind our screens I think that something is lost-in the sense that we forget that there is a human behind the screen. A real person! Every day I see Bloggers being trolled, drama on Twitter, horrible emails being sent… I’ve never wished to be involved, as I’m here just to write. Feelings get hurt, insults are cast around, etc.

I think letters change that; for what I have received, they always make me feel better, and they restore my faith just that little bit more. It forms a friendship, seemingly. That’s why I love to write to write letters; they dispel loneliness, if only just for a moment. It’s always a pleasure for me to know that I have post. As a teen with Aspergers, I didn’t have many friends at school; letters are the one thing that Mae me feel like the luckiest person at that moment.

If you would like to exchange letters, you can tweet me or contact me via the page of the same name.

Untitled designClick here to see one of my favourite posts about stationery. 

3 thoughts on “Why I love writing letters.

  1. GorgeousAndGeeky says:

    You’re so right. Even though I can’t imagine what you have gone through due to Aspergers, I can agree that there’s something special about a hand-written letter. When I received yours a few weeks ago, it came at the perfect time! I really needed to hear what you wrote. Thanks girlie x


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