Brighton Meet Up With Abbie Chic.

Hey everyone!

A little while ago, Abbie from Abbie Chic and I met up in Brighton; she had intended to hold a bloggers meet up to celebrate the second birthday of her blog. Anyway, I loved meeting my pen pal (you can read about our blog box swap here), and I thought it would be nice to show you where we went.
And just as a side note: this was the perfect thing for me. There wasn’t too many people, and the location was quiet; Aspergers aint gonna stop me now!
This was The Flour Pot Bakery; apparently Zoella likes it? It was tucked in on the corner of Sydney Street, and sells savoury and sweet products. The seating is plentiful, and the insides peaceful; fab!
I had a Coke-quite warm-and a Rocky Road that had been made that day. (Yummy!) Whilst eating and drinking, I chatted to Abbie about everything under the sun; Blogging, Magazines, my College..
The entrance to the bakery.
I had unpacked my (fabulous) goodie bag whilst in the bakery;  I’ll be uploading an ‘unpacking’ post later this week or today-I have yet to decide.
We had a look around the adjacent streets; Abbie spotted this very cute dress! (Because, yeah, I’m a crazy cat lady.) I liked Pen To Paper, a very retro stationery shop; I’ll probably have to back, as their website has lovely powder blue writing supplies.
Roly’s fudge is also a lovely place to visit; if you wish to see Fudge being made in front of you, some samples, or a gift to give a house-sitter, this is where you should go. We spotted this sauce, which did hold some fascination. (Fudge on ice-cream; this sounds like a great thing!)
In the next shop (next to Roly’s fudge) there were these very cute umbrellas; they reminded me of Alice In Wonderland, playing croquet..
And nearby…
Were these. To be honest, I just liked the way they looked; I’m not really much of a drinker. I think they make a cocktail, but they look almost akin to a bath bomb, or a bath salt product..
And look at these pretty pieces of artwork on building exteriors:

Abbie also showed me a few new places in Brighton that I had previously been unaware of; have any of you heard of Beyond Retro? I hadn’t, so I loved walking down to the Warehouse-esque building, and pouring through the flick-through-shelving and bargain bins. (I also got a Christmas present for my Mum there; Abbie spotted it, so all hats off to her.)
If only I had a small waist lie this dress requires! Loving the blue on this..
And look what I found:
Marty McFly’s lace up boots! (Well, sort of.)
I loved the glitter on some of the outfits, although I would never wear these garments; it’s a sensory thing, because without lining, it would drive me crazy. But look how shimmery, how beautiful they are 🙂  I was particularly taken with the green shirt (see if you can see it.)
And there were shoes EVERYWHERE.
I didn’t know DM’s could be sequinned like this! There were also sixties style pumps-I was taken with them-but the sizes varied quite wildly. If you like a bargain, this is a great place to go.
I had a lovely time meeting my pen friend; Abbie is lovely to talk to, and she didn’t make anything awkward to me. (Because having ASD means meeting new people is not something I’m particularly good at.) A Blogger’s meet up is a perfect day out in this respect; I also loved getting to know Brighton just that bit better.

Click here to see Abbie’s blog. 

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  1. envyfisher
    August 26, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    That bakery and the art though! Honestly, blogger meet ups are the best thing ever.
    x Envy

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