Dr Paw Paw Review.


I’ve heard a lot about Dr Paw Paw; the balm that has reached almost cult status among Bloggers, seemingly regarded as a ‘miracle cure’ for a lot of beauty ailments-hair, brows, nails, lips, eyes, cheekbones, etc. I just had to buy a tube of it to see if it was really worth all the hype.


Although it took me a while to find-it took two train journeys due to a misunderstanding-I really liked the fact that Dr Paw Paw didn’t come in any packaging. It was just the tube-which I think is great! Nothing excessive here, which is good for the environment. (I think.) I like the way the packaging was also designed-simple, and by colour, so you knew which shade to buy. It also stands out on the shelf.

The product:

The product goes a long way; it also doesn’t have any fragrance, and has a lovely tint. (It just needs to be rubbed in a little bit to stop the pink being too bright.) I really liked it just as a basic balm; whilst it was windy, my lips were saved from becoming even more chapped. It also had a nice finish; not too glossy, not to sticky. It also has a lot of moisturising power, which I think would be perfect for dry skin. I use it daily now, and it’ll always be in my handbag.


I really like how this product is marketed, and how it’s multi-purpose; it’s ideal, really, and I can see why it has such a cult status. As a side note; as someone with Aspergers, I also really like this. A lot of things are a “no no” for me-because it’s a sensory thing, which can impact the way I function. (So, in terms of clothing; you wouldn’t find me wearing some sequinned, or a harsh fabric. Same with anything cosmetic; anything that sits heavily on my face, or would irritate my skin, is not something I’m interested in.) Dr Paw Paw is ideal; it doesn’t irritate me, and I forget it’s there. Perfect!

Untitled design


Click here to buy Dr Paw Paw.  And if you’d like to see what you can do with this balm, click here to view.  Or if you need a complete guide, click here.  Finally, if you need to see a blog review, click here. 

7 thoughts on “Dr Paw Paw Review.

    • Mademoiselle says:

      Ahh, there’ll be a post next month with all my hacks! 😀 you can use it to stop hair flyaways, tame eyebrows, as a temporary measure against sunburn (not advisable), and much more. You’ll have to come back and see! x

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