"That's not usual for you"

This post was inspired by something a relative said to me recently; not related to the topic, they said “that’s not usual for you”. But it got me thinking. Again, about something completely unrelated.
You see, when I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome-such a surprise that was!-what was written about was my usual hallmarks, what I would display, what I wouldn’t. But from then on, what was attributed to others has been attributed to me and vice versa; basically, because of what is seen as ‘usual’, I’ve been stuck in a stereotyped box. And it makes me feel bad when people say things like “oh, that’s just her”, in refusing to overlook my label.
Because we’re all more than what our label suggests.
I am a sister, a daughter, a student, Blogger, Columnist, Aspiring Journalist, Planner, Writer. I love to read-books with a good storyline, a twist, factual books-and research. I love to research history; be it Cold War, Nazi Germany, Feminism. I love to learn about US politics. I adore writing; my blog posts, poetry, my novel that will probably never see the light of day. I am a pen friend, letter writer, a believer in kindness and the power of words. I become frustrated at Tweetdeck, concerned about the things I deem to be wrong in this world.
You won’t see me at a party or a club; it’s more likely that I will be sat against my bookcases, with my cat on my lap, stuck in a book. Or probably tapping away, too quickly, on my laptop. Or listening to a CD I’ve been sent, or plotting interviews-candidates to pitch to, questions.

I am more than what my learning ‘disability’ would ever suggest; we all are. What needs to happen now is not to have any shame, but to be embraced into a neurotypical world. We are more than what our boxes allow,

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  1. An Atheist In Iowa
    August 24, 2017 / 4:44 am

    I’m big into history too. I like stories of more modern wars but what I really love is wars and civilizations prior to the 1700’s. The Crusades, Rome, Greece, etc…

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