Posts I’ve Been loving #2; Satchels and Vintage!


Following on from my other post, here is the next instalment of posts I’ve been loving recently. These are written by fellow bloggers like me; if you like what they write, please comment on their posts. It makes our day. And although there are only three links in this post, these were notable posts for me.


Life Of A Beauty Nerd: Fashion Favourite: Satchels. 

I love satchels; the boxy bag that fits everything, and that is now ostensibly fashionable. I love these so much… This post has some really pretty photos, and is sort of an ode to these beautiful things.  You can see the pretty satchel photos by clicking here. 

Thoroughly Modern Emily: Vintage Garage Chicago. 

One thing that I love I hunting for bargain pieces, whilst admiring the form and style of an item. I haven’t gone Vintage shopping before however, yet I love this blog because it’s about all things Vintage. In terms of style, I love fifties skirts, and the rigid form of the sixties; this blog encompasses all of that.  Click here to see pretty dresses. 

London Beauty Queen: The Dodgy Brand Tactics Influencers Need To Be Aware Of.

I’m not a professional blogger by any means; neither am I an expert, or an industry heavyweight. This doesn’t stop some brands bombarding my email, or trying to get me to agree to advertising, on the basis that it is a ‘guest post’ when it’s clearly not. Bloggers, please be aware! This post has made me more aware.  Need to know more? Click here. 

What posts have you been loving recently?

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