Shawn Mendes Ultimate Fan Book Review. *


Disclaimer: Chloe Moss at Carlton Books sent me this book, at my own request. What follows is my own view.


It has been a little while since I posted my last book review; to be honest, this is a post that is well over due. This was a book that I was sent, as you can see in my disclaimer. I would also like to add that I’m not a fan of Shawn Mendes; I prefer eighties rock, like Queen and Genesis. So I’ll try not to be too harsh. 😀


As a parcel that arrived with three other books in addition to this, I don’t really feel that I can comment on the packaging. However, I was impressed at how well this book travels; seemingly a hardback, it wasn’t crushed in the post, and survived an all-too busy ride!


As a non-fan I was actually quite pleased with the branding, although it is important to note that this book is not authorised-just be aware that there may be an inaccuracy, or the possibility of there being so. His name is big and bold, as well as being a brighter colour than the rest of the cover; he also is directly centre. The mis-en-scene of the cover is very pleasing to say the least.


This book is almost laid out like a magazine spread; the pages are very glossy, and there’s hundreds of photographs. I also like how it is split into chapters, and goes beyond just what a standard biography, or a fan article, may do so. All together very pleasing. I also like how there was specific quotes made to stand out that were in line with the text.

All in all, this book wasn’t for me, to be honest; I’m not a fan, and it would be suitable for a fan. Whether a stocking filler, a birthday present, or a ‘just because’ gift, this book would be perfect for any young (maybe twelve, thirteen year old) fan.

Click here to buy directly from Carlton Books.  What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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