Zeo Drinks Review.*

Disclaimer: whilst I was at the Bloggers Ball event, Zeo had a drinks stand, and was also included in the Goodie Bag we were given. At my own request, Zeo sent me some sample to try, in exchange for a review. What follows constitutes my honest opinion. 
Now, what do you do when it’s incredibly hot? (I’m writing this during a heatwave.) Apart from people trying not to move, taking cold showers, and eating a tonne of ice-cream, I also love cold drinks. Be in Coke, Rose Lemonade and ice, or Elderflower. I was delighted to be sent some drinks by Zeo; they were promptly put in my Fridge to cool down.


Initially, I wasn’t impressed by this; the packaging was air tight, requiring scissors to carefully open the box. There was also a lot of what seemed to be a lot of straw-based material in the box, that acted like a cushion. However, what did impress me is that there was basically no room, as it had been utilised to the best of its ability; basically, the packaging was more environmentally friendly than other brands. (Just a bit hard to open..)

The product itself: 

I really like the packaging and design of each product; very summery and Instagrammable! They also aren’t too oversized, meaning they’re very easy grip. (I’m a bit clumsy, which makes these ideal!) At times I thought the flavour could be a little bit weak, however that’s what made them very nice to drink as a Summer drink. I love the variety of flavours, and the combinations of fruit to create them.


These are the perfect drink for Summer; personally, I think that they would be perfect for a picnic. (Essential!) Later this year, I would love to go Strawberry picking, and this would be perfect to go with them!

What do you think-would you try Zeo?  Click here to buy some of Zeo’s drinks. 

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