Itsy Nails Review; pretty gel polish! *

Disclaimer: the same day as I attend the Bloggers Ball event, I noticed that Itsy Nails followed me on Twitter. I messaged them privately, wondering whether they wished to work with me. They sent me ten polishes-five for a giveaway, five to review. What follows is my honest opinion.


* Before I begin this review, I’d like to just write that I am not really a ‘girl’s girl’; I have no idea when it comes to the latest cosmetic product, what I apparently should be wearing. I’m not really a big fan of Lush or Pandora, as I can’t really understand there ‘cult’ status.

It’s not every day that a beauty brand agrees to work with me; this is the first nail varnish brand! When the package arrived, I was so excited.


The package was a lot smaller than what I had been anticipating; but anyone who receives Blogger Mail will probably always be excited! I would have preferred the varnishes to have been packed a little bit more securely however; there wasn’t a lot of padding, and they were sliding around a bit. (Luckily they made it to me in one piece!)


Needless to say, I was really impressed with the branding of these varnishes. The lettering is clearly stencilled, with the range also. Plus, I think it’s something that makes it much more ‘Instagrammable’-just what every Blogger desires, right? And it’s cruelty free, according to their Twitter page.

The product itself: 

I really like the gel effect of these varnishes; they are very chip resistant, and have a more ‘uniform’ look. The colour vibrancy is also impressive, which you can see below. Perfect for Summer! As somebody who is also a bit clumsy, I love the shape of these bottles; they are easy to grip as well as manoeuvre. I have very limited patience when it comes to faffing about with beauty products, but now I can blend in with a neurotypical world with these nails!


Overall, I was delighted to review these nail polishes, and to collaborate with Itsy Nails; I could not recommend these enough! Overall, I give these a 14/15 rate.

Click here to visit the Itsy Nails website.  The blogger Kimberly Jessica also has an Itsy Nails discount code; click here and scroll to the bottom of her blog post.

5 thoughts on “Itsy Nails Review; pretty gel polish! *

  1. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    I love that red on you (of course!) and how exciting to work with a beauty brand! Was this polish also easy to remove? I used to do my nails all the time, but got tired of chipping them instantly and then having to spend ages removing the remnants. It sounds like at-home gel polish might be the solution for me, though!



  2. gingersnapps says:

    Great review and there’s some fab colour choices! Unfortunately the other day on twitter I’m sure I saw that Itsy Nails are closing down? It’s a shame because their polishes are lovely x


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