When the internet makes you think…

Oh, internet; you are something, aren’t you? Going from dial up to wifi; you’ve enabled me to create a blog, as well as other creative outlets, not to mention social media. There is a dark side to you, but I prefer your brighter side; when we can all come together, be it in times of sorrow, as Bloggers, or just to discuss politics. But you also make me think. (For this post, I thought I would share a few pieces that made me think.)

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What is scent layering?  Good question, really! If I’m in a self deprecating mood, I would describe myself as a ‘terrible female’; anything that’s expected of me, in order to be feline, is often a struggle, and I often cannot see the point. Just brush your hair and go! Anyway, this piece has answered one of my many queries.

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a Feminist, surely you’d admire Gloria Stienman? Just for the sheer level of perseverance and intellectual wisdom. Glamour’s piece is one of my new favourites; ‘Gloria Stienman best quotes’. 

Just what is ‘adulating’? I really do not get it. What I prefer, however, is the responsible attitudes put forth in this piece; 24 Truths About Being An Adult.  Because we are all just guessing, really-teenagers, young adults, older generations-at how to think and behave. But there are some ground truths that we can all share.

Even if we have a disability, a Mental Health condition, we still need heroes, as well as people to look up to. This is from the BBC, and it made me smile; ‘How An Autistic Child Became A World Pinball champion’.  At last, something positive about being on the Spectrum!

Trump and the Climate Change Deal controversy; I wish not to get into any debate about the politics of it, but generally speaking, I though withdrawing was a bad idea. We need to do more to help the environment-and I feel like a hypocrite for writing that. This piece was written by Vogue, a simple guide to ‘7 ways to be more environmentally friendly’.  I shall try to adapt some of its advice in to my own life.

An Introduction To The Filofax;  as I’ve written before, Gala Darling is one pretty uber-cool Blogger. I loved this post for its photography, as well as its organisational advice. Because #PlannerGoals

And finally: How To Cope If You’re Finding The News Overwhelming.  In the aftermath of the London terror attack, this piece gave me hope; it suggested how to dissect the news, whilst not letting it upset you too much.

What pieces have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments.

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