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Disclaimer: I was sent this Letterbox gift box  cake by baker days to review at my own request. What follows constitutes my own opinion.

Good morning-

Now, we all like cake, don’t we?! Added to this, cake that comes through the mail, personalised, and for particular celebration? We’re in business; I love the idea, and the convenience of the concept. Introducing bakerdays, a very cool brand, and a Blogger’s dream to work with. I was lucky enough to be able to review their letterbox cake..



Address has been edited out.

I was actually really impressed with the packaging; as it says on the website, it fits through the letterbox! All the space was utilised adequately; it was also quite a miracle that, with the force it was pushed through my door, that the cake itself wasn’t bashed it, having crashed to the floor upside down. (Thanks Mr Postman!)
I did have a bit of trouble opening it-due to the flap design-but that was the one fault, really.



Look what was inside!

Personally I really like the branding; it’s colourful, playful, and makes you smile when you quite eagerly tear  open the parcel.

The product itself:

Now, isn’t this cake an absolutely beautiful peace of artwork?!
Now, your can have a degree of personalisation; I will admit to finding the website design section a bit hard to use. But the design… it’s so pretty. Can I emphasise this more? IT’S FREAKIN AWESOME. And it tasted great. You can choose what to have in the cake-so, frosting, what sort of sponge, icing, etc. I went for Chocolate, and it was delicious.
I think that first, this could be expanded into a subscription service; because although I like the idea of cake by occasion, I would like the regularity of coming in the post. I also think that an option could be added for a larger cake across it’s width; for a party of several people, there would be more than one cake needed.


I love the idea of this concept; it looks good, tastes good, can be ordered for occasion, and personalised to within an inch of its life.
As somebody with Aspergers Syndrome, this business would make it easier for me to obtain access to a birthday cake, whilst avoiding areas I find hard to visit. Brilliant!
Untitled design

Click here to buy a cake from bakerdays. (Trust me, you won’t regret it!)

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