A Letter To My Friend.

I would like to bring more creative pieces to this blog; for this first post, I wrote a letter to a friend. (They won’t ever read this blog-they don’t know I even have a blog-but for sake of privacy, there’s not a lot of personal information. There name has also been omitted.)
Dear A.-
Well, we never thought we get to this point, did we? Leaving college, into the big wide world. And I’m grateful to have met you. And yes, please excuse my slushy, sentimental tone. It’s not intentional. But my blog, my rules…
The first year I met you, I was scared; you struck me as somebody so assertive, sure of themselves, cynical, a little bit of a loner. I guess it was the second year of the A level that was better; we didn’t have to study Tudors anew, we didn’t have two lessons back to back, and we were allowed to be vocal in lessons. We could talk and laugh together, two secret co-conspirators!
Talking politics was a privilege, although I think it may have driven our teacher mad! (But I will never forget Communist Cat memes, presidential jokes, or election anticipation.) It was lovely to find someone who thinks that this world is just as bewildering as I do, but somebody who looks at it, seeing how it could be seen-i.e, better!
Friendship is hard for me to keep up, even maintain; I cannot tell what people think or feel, their intentions, or what they think about me. We both know this. But it has meant that I’ve been taken advantage of previously-such as the joke behind my back that I have an inability to ‘get’ jokes. And I can be frustrated. ┬áIt can be very lonely, really. But I am so, so grateful that you were my friend, and stuck up for me. That was something incredibly new for me.
I also didn’t always need to text you first; just you checking in would make my day. Bonding over Gingerbread was also a favourite memory of mine. (That should be biography chapter title!) We could share jokes, and not care if people would look at us with disdain, simply as we did not conform. I like individuality. And I like that you bought out the best in me, and of the situation.

Thank you for being my friend,

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