Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers…Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to ‘takeaway’) from the event, if you attend such an event.
Make friends with the security guard/bouncer on the door; they are the best, and are humans to.
If you don’t know what to do, or haven’t been to such an event, do ask as to what to do. Scarlett who organised the whole thing was excellent at briefly explaining what we could do.
Wear comfortable shoes. Because you will spend a lot of time on your feet.
Eat before you go. There were several bloggers that day who said that they hadn’t eaten in X amount of hours, and were therefore hungry.. Eat before you go. It’s good to feel good about yourself.
Chat to the brands.
Edit photos to hide the terrible lighting, as well as well your phone shook. (Not that alcohol had anything to do with it!) Carrying on on that note: glitter lips do not go with beverages of any sort. Get them done later.
Write small. Brands require your email. In a tiny box.
Wear what you are comfortable in. And will remain comfortable in. A leather jacket is not a good look whilst sweaty.
If Bloggers tweet that they are going, make a note of who they are, and what they are wearing. In some respects I do regret that I did not do this, instead tweeting a semi-hideous selfie that should never walk this Earth. We could have been friends!
Take a small bag, as there is small amounts of space.
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