Interview with Fee, Unicorn Born.

As a Blogger, I’ve recently become more and more aware of smaller businesses, how bloggers blog for business, and etsy shops. But I’d like to delve a little more into this area, as it isn’t something I know a lot about. So, I spoke to Fee over email, about her shop, Unicorn Born.
Firstly, how did you come to the idea of selling jewellery?
Quite a while ago I first saw the chokers with a heart ring in the middle being sold. Most of them had been hand made and I thought to myself, I could do that. I’ve always been a creative person and love making things. My grandad has a saying “I’ll make you one” and that’s what I effectively decided to do with my shop. I was inspired by the popular chokers being made and by the increasing number of handmade small businesses popping up at the time
What was the inspiration behind setting up your shop?
Oops, I guess I kind of answered this in your earlier question! Should have read ahead! Thinking back, I actually originally started my Etsy shop selling tie dye clothing. That evolved into jewellery after being inspired by a YouTuber I followed who started her own shop. It’s quite a while back now so it’s hard to remember it all but I’m sure that was some of the driving force. It was always just a fun side project, I was so pleased that it picked up steam and people enjoyed the things I made!
My grandad has a saying “I’ll make you one” and that’s what I effectively decided to do with my shop.
Your shop also references Unicorns in its name: what’s the significance?
I’m a big lover of unicorns, don’t really know why. I love fantasy so I’m a big lover of dragons and unicorns! The Etsy shop I began with was called C’est la vie Fee, after my love for the phrase c’est la vie, and how it rhymed with my name – which I also loved! But when I decided to begin to expand and I created an Instagram account, I wanted it to be a bit more anonymous. I wanted it to be a bit more of a brand than just a homemade shop. I was obsessed with unicorns at the time and I knew I wanted a reference to unicorns in there. I loved the idea of being able to plaster things in a unicorn logo! I’m also a big sucker for alteration or rhyming, I just love the way it sounds – so Unicorn Born was created. To be completely honest, sometimes I muse about changing the name, I feel like I’ve outgrown it a little bit. But I would have no idea where to start with renaming it. And I do still love unicorns, and still adore covering everything with my unicorn logo!

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What do you think about unicorns being seen as a fashion trend?
As I’ve said before, I love unicorns, so being able to buy lots of unicorn things in the shops is great for me! I love receiving unicorn themed gifts, I’ve got unicorn shaped soap, a unicorn air-freshener, a unicorn shower cap and a unicorn tape dispenser! I think its great. I’m just not so keen on the farting rainbows type unicorns. I’m more into the majestic, rainbow hair blowing in the wind type unicorns
I was obsessed with unicorns at the time and I knew I wanted a reference to unicorns in there.
For the future, what are your plans for your business?
At the moment I’ve got a few ideas around some stock I’ve been sitting on forever, and expanding on the hand stamped and swarovski pieces. I’d actually love to make some hand stamped pieces that incorporate some swarovski crystals too but that might be a way off. It all relies on time and money, and unfortunately I don’t seem to have that much of either of those at the moment. Motivation can also be a bit of a struggle at times as the battle against social media often becomes quite disheartening. My Instagram has been struggling a little as a result of the newest Instagram algorithm, so that can be hard. Being motivated to bring out new things can be difficult, as it can be a lot of time, effort and money for not much return. But it’s still my fun side project, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to it any time soon, so we soldier on!
In terms of small business, who do you look up to?
I am privileged to know a number of amazing ladies who also run their own small businesses. One in particular that I admire so very much is Emily from The Serpents Club. She is incredible and her work is divine. I own some of her jewellery myself and it is amazing. I would love to be as talented and hard-working as she is. If you haven’t checked out The Serpents Club I would highly recommend you do!
But it’s still my fun side project, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to it any time soon, so we soldier on!
For anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps, do you have any advice?
In practical terms, stay organised! Keep a note of everything you have bought, how much it is to make items and how long it takes you. Keep track of how much stock you have and the orders you receive. It’s so important to keep organised, and it’s so helpful to be ready with all your figures in a spreadsheet or notebook when you come to do a tax return. Otherwise, keep doing what you love. Make what you love. If someone doesn’t like it, screw them, someone, somewhere, will love it. Do what you love. If it’s making you happy, keep doing it! If it’s bringing you down then maybe take a step back for a bit. I think it’s important to remember why you started this kind of thing in the first place and keep the fun and enjoyment going. Reach out and talk to people, interact with fellow creators and your customers. I’ve met so many lovely people through this adventure and it’s been such good fun.  If you want to do something like this, just give it a try! Start small and see where it takes you!

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