Who wants to be a Unicorn? (Me!)

Unicrons. Unicrons! (And, well, Mermaids…) These days, they are everywhere, whether as part of London Fashion Week, as a limited Starbucks drink, beauty tutorials, and blog posts. I’ve rounded up a few posts of Unicorn inspired content, to celebrate just that. I love the fact that Bloggers are actively encouraging us to add just a bit more colour, a bit more glitter, to our lives; to be honest, seeing this makes me smile. It makes me feel happy. So here are three posts for you.



I’ve been reading Jemma’s blog for a little while now; although I sometimes may disagree with her views, I think that she is a pretty cool Blogger and small business owner. Her blog also doesn’t have a niche. This post (Click here to view)  is brilliant, in the sense that ’15 ways to be a Unicorn’ is brilliant in the sense that it’s achievable, and basically fits all budgets. Let’s bring some bright colour and glitter into our lives!

Gala Darling: 

Gala Darling is one uber-cool blogger; she just seems to understand everything, and writes, as well as creates, in pink, glitter, with a dash of the occult. This post is all about being a ‘productivity Unicorn’ (click here to view)  Although more of a problem solving post, she is the Unicorn in this sense-prone to change, always magic-and now we can emulate her!

Glossy Box: 

Okay, Glossy Box isn’t a Blogger..it’s a subscription box. The company behind this business seemingly have a blog that they regularly update, although I may be wrong about that. This post is a complication of beauty product, inspired by Unicorns, that fit all budgets. (Click here to view.) 

What do you think? Do you love Unicorns?

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6 thoughts on “Who wants to be a Unicorn? (Me!)

  1. countrykatieuk says:

    Great round up Lydia! I’m not that in to unicorns, I’m trying ot understand the facination so I hope these will form some great starting blocks. I’m waiting for the day Narwal’s get a look in at the horn trend!


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