Interview with Lisa Kallas, Sugar Loaf dreams.

As part of this relaunch, I wanted to take a look at blogging for business, and what it entails. I spoke to Lisa Kallas, at Sugar Loaf Dreams (click here to view her blog) about her latest venture.

Hello Lisa, thank you for agreeing to this interview. How were you introduced to Blogging?

* I had begun reading blogs of others and once I decided I wished to tell my story, that has ended up being the story of many…..blogging seemed the easiest way…..

What inspired you to have a go?

* I had recently lost my dad, which brought up so much I never knew about him and I thought how sad it was for us to never know about certain things in his life while he was alive. The thing about living in this time is what we put out there is there forever now. That’s a little scary but I’m game.

What do you think about blogging for business?

* I had been blogging for almost 18 months when I decided I should probably put some more effort in if I want this to go forward. Yes, of course I would love to say I can make my solid income from blogging…..definitely on my Wishlist, but a lot if work to go yet.

Please tell us about your latest venture.

* Well, I love words….not just blogging. I have started creating original quotations and then I had a late night, light bulb moment and decided to add a quotations folder to my SmugMug account. I dabble a little in photography also, so the SmugMug account was all set up and ready to go. So I’m extremely excited that my quotes can now be purchased in prints, canvas, coffee mugs and other keepsakes all at very reasonable prices. So if you’re looking for some please pop over to 💕

Why did you decide to tackle tricky subjects for your blog?

* I tackle subjects that mean the most to me and are very close to my heart. As a mother… of my children, my oldest son has ADHD, Bi Polar and Aspergers.
As a daughter my mum deals with severe depression and anxiety. An me…..well I deal with Fibromyalgia/CFS, depression and social anxiety. My wish, every time I write is to give a voice to those who won’t or can’t speak for themselves. Life is what decides what I write.

In terms of influence, what contributes to your writing style?

* I have been known for many years of speaking before I think and not always using the most tactful option……that’s how I write, honestly, from the heart and the hip.

For ‘a day at the office’, what could we find in your handbag?

* Not much really. I was always one of those people with a handbag you could get lost in and usually everything did.These days I use a little black across body satchel. It holds my iPad, phone, keys, a little cash and coin and my lipstick. That’s pretty much it…..I’m getting older…I don’t need to carry any extra weight.

For aspiring Bloggers, what are your tips?

* Don’t give up! No matter what, keep going. * Join blogger Facebook groups, sooner rather than later. * Don’t be afraid to ask if you need help understanding something. People don’t realise how much technology is needed to blog. Be you, be honest and you will be fantastic.

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