Prince Harry; Boy To Man By William Kuhn. (Review) *

I was first introduced to William Kuhn, the novelist and Biographer, via Amazon; I had been looking for a new book about ‘the life and times’ of Jacqueline Kennedy. I read his book Reading Jackie, and really liked his style. His book satisfied my special interest-a hallmark of my Aspergers-meaning I had to go and research Mrs Kennedy even more. I also hold him responsible for being the person to introduce me to Carly Simon via the same boo. (I talk about her a lot. I listen to her music a lot.)
Somehow-and I still don’t know how-he found my blog, and now follows me on Twitter! He asked me about the possibility of reviewing his new book, which I was delighted to do. (Although I will admit that I have yet to finish it; I have a lot of books to read currently, and this is starting to go into the double digits, so I’m still on my way to the end!)
Firstly, I would just like to point out that it is about the British Royal Family; more specifically, Prince Harry. I like how it seems to have been spun out of real life into fiction, and focuses, at the beginning, on his army career. I also really like the language; in contrast to Reading Jackie, this book packs a punch, is deft in dialogue, and is a quite an easy read.
For anyone who would like an easy read, or is a fan of the Royal family, this one is for you; and I think that you will love it.
Click here to buy the book.    To find out more about the author, click here.  To read an author interview, click here.  And for a review of Kuhn’s previous book, ‘Reading Jackie’, click here. 


  1. July 30, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    Thank you Lydia! “Deft in dialogue.” What a nice compliment. I’m glowing now. And it ain’t that July sun.

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