A letter to Brian May.

Brian May is the Guitarist from Queen (rock band), but is also an author, a campaigner, composer, and a lot more. To be honest, he’s my hero. And, as part of bringing in more creative pieces, this seemed like something ideal to write. 
Dear Brian.-
May I call you ‘Bri’, just like how you sign off your tweets? (No pun intended.)
Writing this does seem infinitely pointless, I guess; you must get hundreds of thousands of letters, emails, tweets, etc-and, being just one person, you obviously can’t read, or even just begin to digest it all. But that’s the thing Sir; I’m also writing this for the Queen fans-‘Queenies’ as they call themselves-who also read my blog.
Working with Queen as a writing subject really has been a privilege for me; interviewing Tyler Warren and Marc Martel (not something I ever thought that would happen!) really was something. You may dislike Journalists-and I can understand as to why-but that’s what gave me the ambition. People who are public figures are just far more interesting than I could ever hope to be. I’m also nosey. Put the two and two together! (Plus, writing is probably my only skill. I’m not clever with numbers, neither can I create anything, like out of wood.)
Throughout my college career, you have been my hero, Brian. There was an email with quotes to my questions I sent to Common Decency- “better you were studying” was what you wrote, in response to me expressing disappointment in not being able to take part in a Twitter Q&A. And I’m still kicking myself.
One of my A Levels was politics, and we chatted between ourselves about Common Decency; see, that’s the thing. I love politics, and it turned into my favourite subject in the last year. (My teacher was the best I probably ever had.)
What I’m trying to say; in an interview setting, I would love to ask you questions, Bri. As a Hero, your politics were influential to me.
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