Blog Posts I Love. (Feat. Notebooks, style, and more!)

As I write this, it’ll probably be a long time before I post this; I was inspired by what I was reading over at Gala Darling earlier today. On social media, or just blogs in general, there has just been so much drama; be it Instagram follower purchases, or debates about small businesses. I have had enough, to be honest. I blog because I love to write, and I feel I have something to contribute to a wider field. For today’s post, though it feels like cheating. I’ll be sharing some posts I’ve been reading recently. These are the Bloggers that I admire, and their posts have made me think, etc.


Gingerbread Muffins by Kimberly Jessica. 

Who else goes back right to the inception of a blog, and reads from there? No? Just me then. I really like Kimberly Jessica’s blog because it’s straight to the point, concise, complete with colourful photos are very brave posts. This post (Click here to view. ) is a gingerbread muffin bake, which I will be trying out later this year.

Why I Love Stationery by A Beautiful Chaos. 

I have been a massive fan of Nicole’s blog for a long time now, quite simply because there isn’t anything comparable. It tackles mental health without shame or pity, with lighter toned pieces thrown in. To be honest, I wish I had her skill. This post is all about how writing, as well as notebooks and more, can be of a benefit to your mental health. Click here to view. 

Fifty Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag by World Of Jess.

Click here to view.  I love a good tag post; it means that I have an excuse, at times, not to necessarily be creative. Tags are also a way of other bloggers getting together and connecting. This tag is completely random, which was a breath of fresh air; I may also post my own version one day.

Ginger Beer Stir Fry Recipe, by Food And Other Loves.

I love food, but I’m not really a decent cook; but this recipe makes it look easy. The photography also makes me feel hungry. I may also make this recipe one day. Click here to view. 

Top Five Ways To Define Your Own Personal Style, by Gala Darling. 

Gala Darling talks a lot of sense; whenever she posts, it’s like a wiser, older sister, or a friend who is far more worldly than you can ever hope to be, talking to you. I subscribe to her movement of Radical Self Love; I was also looking back through her blog, when I found this post. (Click here to view. ) I have previously been picked on, made fun of, for the way I dress; I was inspired by this post, and will be using it in future.

Visiting Arundel Castle, by More About Cat.

I haven’t had the chance to go inside this castle; if I’m honest, I was really intrigued by the post. I would love to go inside, and I loved the photography in this post.  Click here to view. 

Why Being Different Is Better, by Chloe Mayes.

Chloe and I both have Asperger’s syndrome; with this comes an awareness that you are just somehow different. What use to both me however was how ‘difference’ was-and still is-percieved; as often being a bad thing. (Really, it’s not!) This post I just had to include as it made me feel better about myself; Chloe is one seriously cool Blogger.  Click here to view. 

My Lush Hair Product Collection, by Dainty Alice.

Let’s declare this now; I am a Lush Fiend, complete with the Capital ‘F’. I just do not understand its cult beauty product status. However, during a Blog chat, I saw this post (Click here to view. ), which is all about hair products. I have ‘problem skin’ on my scalp, and my hair is often just dry and tangly. I bought the American Cream on reading this post, and it has made quite the difference.

What posts have you been reading? Let me know in the comments.

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