Productivity tips #1 ; how to be organised, & get stuff done!

Good morning.-

Being a student is hard, isn’t it? We have so many deadlines-for assignments, deadlines, revision-as well as a social life, other projects, potential employment, etc. But organisation is key! Therefore, I wanted to share a few tips as to how to be organised, and how to get things done.


Utilise your phone. There’s probably a notes function, as well as a reminder app-use them!


When you wake up, write a to do list-it could be for the day, the week, etc. Assigning tasks to different days makes things a lot less daunting, and breaks it up to be more achievable. (Manageable chunks, no?) Take what you do slowly, and get more down logistically.


Colour code! If you have to juggle several priorities, this is a great way to track what you need to do. (As you can see in the above photo, this is a tactic I use to track my blog, deadlines, events, and reminders.)

Keep a planner with you at all times. And if you make any plans, writing them down as soon as possible, as not to forget or double book events.


If you complete a set task, give your self a treat. Go on-but in small proportions of course. (I’m a fan of sweets, and maybe a lemonade. Rose Lemonade.) This acts as an incentive to  keep at these tasks, and do more.

Take breaks! These are important-as a way to utilise and optimise brain power-but it can act as a motivation. Have a treat on your breaks also.

What’s your tip for organisation?





9 thoughts on “Productivity tips #1 ; how to be organised, & get stuff done!

  1. withanoceanviewblog says:

    I really admire students, there seems to be a misunderstanding that students are lazy and incompetent and it couldn’t be more wrong, since I started blogging I have seen so many students juggling studies/blogging and a job it’s incredible and these tips would definitely be useful.


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