The problem with my Bullet Journal.

Good morning!


I’ve been looking for a planner recently; not liking the Filofax personal or A5 size, I bought this notebook from Paperchase, promptly adding in a date a page. So far, so good.


But I became very annoyed at how messy it became. Yes, this Journal is vaguely ‘artsy’-if that is even a word-but some important information gets lost along the way. It contains everything, but the minor details could get lost.

I think that this was because I didn’t know enough about the bullet journal system prior to (sort of) beginning one. ‘Just go at it’! was my approach.


This isn’t a very clear layout, is it?

Yes, it was ascetically pleasing to look at-and I did enjoy playing around with stickers and washi tape-but this is a diary that is not helping me really.


There was even a collage that I could cart around with me; just to add something seemingly completely needless to my bag.

If you’re going to start a Bullet Journal, my advice would be to research it carefully-so that you know what layouts, spreads, etc you’d like-then create it slowly. I wrote out mine over the course of three days, without much thought; look how disorganised it looks! But if you’d like to see some (really cool) bullet journals, take a look at these:

When Tania Talks:

A Beautiful Chaos:

Tiny Ray Of Sunshine:


What do you think about bullet journalling?



10 thoughts on “The problem with my Bullet Journal.

  1. JD says:

    When I first saw bullet journaling it looked so complicated but I’m excited to give it a go. I think I’ll just have to go with the approach that it will be an experiment though and just find what works for me. So far, no planner has worked for me, so I’m prepared for this to be the same but since I can design it myself, I’m hoping if I persist I can work something out.


  2. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Started it, gave it up after.. about a month I think? My bullet journal took me more time to get in order than actually doing the stuff that I was writing down in it, haha.
    Though lately I’ve started a notebook to jot down all books I need to read and review for Netgalley. Still trying to find a “template” that’s most convenient for me, but I’m sure that this notebook will stay around for a long time!


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