My Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter.


Twitter is what I want to talk to you about today. Because, more and more, I find myself having a love/hate relationship with this social media site.

I love this platform because….

  1. It’s where most of my traffic comes from! (I do have Instagram and Pinterest, but not having had them as long as Twitter, they are not as useful, just yet.)
  2. Twitter chats and comment threads! This gives me a chance to get to know other bloggers, as well as garnering some comments, as well as more follows on my social media. Generally speaking, these people are lovely.
  3. Twitter is a resource that offers help when needed. Just tweet it-like when I tried and failed to move WordPress to blogger-a fellow Twitter user tried to talk me through what to do.
  4. You can see what your favourite artist is up to at that moment.
  5. Keep up with Bloggers! See their new and old posts..
  6. Post inspiration.
  7. Stay informed with current news etc.
  8. Find a penfriend!
  9. Support for the Mental health community.
  10. Engagement with brands.

But Twitter, since I started to use it, seems to have changed.

In the event of a Terror attack, there is just SO MUCH hatred on my feed; I don’t want to see any of that, be a part of it, or be forced to engage with it. I think, personally, more should be done to combat this. Same as with trolling. Why should a female MP be tweeted threats and abuse, simply because they are female? And do I really want to see racist meme or gif? No.

I also am slightly wary of a minority of the blogging community; why would you call someone out for buying Followers? This is just too much drama, creates unnecessary tension, etc. And on the flimsy excuse that you work your **** off for your blog?

And scheduling tweets.. I’m new to this, so please forgive me if what I say is inaccurate. Since doing this, my traffic has increased by quite a margin. But the thing is, in an event like the Manchester attack, I won’t always be able to edit my tweet queue in time. Not realising I had tweeted ‘Happy Tuesday Everyone!’ the same day as the horrific event, I was promptly called out upon. Fair play to the Blogger who did; my some people had also liked this tweet. Had I offended them? Or tweet insensitively?

Then the unfollow/follow game. Why???

Then subtweeting… This really gets on my nerves. Why do it? I don’t care you want revenge or the whole world to know what your boyfriends may have done or not done. That’s between you and them.

Finally, I see horrible tweets related to the Mental health community. Unhelpful, reckless, etc.



3 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter.

  1. sovotchka art says:

    I can understand the frustration with Twitter.
    Tbh I have two accounts – one for art/blogging, and another one, and anything that is politics/hurtful/constant satire/… gets banned from the first twitter. And I love that one. But sometimes, when I switch to the other account, I get tired after just looking at it for a few minutes.


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