Five things I love about myself.

Wait, strike that, today’s post sounds narcissistic beyond belief. (Not my intention.) Anyway, this is a post idea I saw over at A Beautiful Chaos and This Stuff Is Golden; basically, the idea was to promote self love. (Always a good thing in my book…..I had to join in!)

Self love is important, because it defines us, as well as our relationship to ourselves. But I feel that, in a climate of hotly contested politics, and just a generally dire situation, we forgot about ourselves. (Gala Darling explains this better than me.) Anyway, here is five things I love about myself-and I encourage all of you readers to think the same way:

  1. My commitment to writing.

There probably isn’t a lot of things that I’m as committed to as my writing. (Other projects just seem to fall by the wayside, as they are not what I wish to be doing, but what I’m obliged to do.) But writing has lead me to do things that I never would have thought or dreamt I could.

2. My curiosity.

Because apparently this is a good trait for a wannabe Journalist. But this has allowed me to learn, create this blog, etc. By simple logic, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?

3. My Aspergers.

Because Aspergers Syndrome is a part of my life, and despite how much I wished it not to previously, it has defined my life. Like everyone, this does mean I am a fundamentally flawed human being. But flaws have to be embraced…. So, yeah. Having Aspergers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And I get very bored being told to be ashamed.

4. My love of music.

Be it Rock, Soul, R ‘n’ B, Pop, Indie, Alternative, I love music. Rock is my favourite genre, but by looking back at its years of prominence-I’m think Freddie Mercury’s era, complete with The Who, etc-this is what interplays with my writing. It’s something to draw on, something to use as a comforting tool. It helps me on my way…

5. My beliefs.

I do believe that there is a God, but I also try my hardest to follow Feminism. Beliefs, as I call them, is what define my character. Because if we were all just kind to each other, rather than trying to impose our beliefs, this world would be a far better place.

What do you love about yourself? I challenge you to write a list of what you love about yourself, and learn it.



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