Blogger Box Swap: all the way from Chicago!


If you’re a regular reader, you’ll have read about my pen pal initiative that I wished to set up; in collaboration with Abbie from Abbie Chic, we swapped boxes. (Click here to see my post.)  The idea is to choose a theme, set a budget, and then send it off to the person in question… and you may exchange letters after! (Click here to see what I sent Abbie.)  I teamed up with Emily from Thoroughly Modern Emily (visit her blog by clicking here) ; she’s a blogger with an uber cool sense of vintage style. Here is what she sent me, all the way from Chicago, United States!
I think I need to work on my presentation of blogger boxes.. this is what was in Emily’s parcel. I will admit to feeling a little bit bad, as I had bundled everything in in her parcel; I had been in a dash, a rush. Look how pretty this paper is!
This was the card; I love cityscapes like this! I’d love to go back to the States…and Emily is really funny; her card made me smile.
We had decided on a dual theme; stationery and beauty. As a female, I’m not the most feminine; I don’t ‘get’ make up, but I was delighted to receive this Eyebrow kit. Very easy to use…
Emily also sent me this eyeliner pen; I just had to try it out, there and then. The pen is thin enough to slip in your bag, and has a slightly springy cap. I love it, as I had been in need of one for a while.
Just how cute are these tiny noteletts ?!? (I think that’s how you spell it…) Emily noted how these reminded her of corresponding with a relative. These now are a permanent fixture in my handbag.
Thank you to Emily Hallock for sending me these!
Untitled design* These swaps were inspired by a post over on Abbey Louisa’s blog; you can see that post here.


  1. July 19, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    Awwww, I am just over the moon that you liked these surprises! I wasn’t sure if you had ELF over in the UK, but a friend told me she had never seen it. I figured that meant it was a good idea. The eyeliner is nice because it stays put but washes off with no trouble. And I’m so glad you liked the stationery! My Mom-Mom would be so delighted with how you’ve been using it.
    Thanks again for doing this with me! I’ll have to work on my post now that I’m back from my family reunion and finally have reliable internet again.

    • July 20, 2017 / 12:23 am

      Thank you for commenting such a sweet paragraph! I don’t think we have an Elf, so your eyeliner has been put to very good use 💜 Can’t wait to see the post!

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